Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: Take Your Time…

8 thoughts on “Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: Take Your Time…

      1. It absolutely chucked it down here two days ago. But then this is Brittany and loads of trees. It is worse than where my sister lives in Wales. But I love it. Most of the time.

        You have to see The Trees to believe that this is possible.

        I am just about to pay someone 350 Euros to cut down a couple of very inconvenient trees that I didn’t even notice growing in the wrong places.

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        1. We had a 10 minute downpour on Tuesday evening. I went and stood out in it and it felt glorious. Maybe a good slosh of rain will remind the climate hysterics that British weather mostly consists of dampness and deter any would-be arsonists from trying to help the ‘climate emergency’ along.


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