CLICK5: Coming Over All Peculiar, Like…

5 thoughts on “CLICK5: Coming Over All Peculiar, Like…

  1. I tried to write a review of lettuce once.

    It devolved into me using vernacular that would probably get me branded as a racist, even tho I was just trying to express a feeling/make a point.

    Thinking is dangerous.
    Feeling is dangerous.
    Feeling whilst thinking could be the most dangerous thing an individual can do. /shrug

    Lettuce Review –

    Hey, that reminds me…if I use the word “politics” in a sentence, does that make me political?
    If I use the word “football” in a sentence, does that make me a football fan?

    I guess context is everything?

    ^Vintage Burger King Commercial – Have it Your Way – 1974^

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      1. Hold the pickles…(hold the penis)
        Hold the lettuce…(hold the man-milk/seed)
        Also weird considering that the buns at Burger King have seeds on them.
        Seed on buns.

        This will seem unrelated…

        Lykens Township –,_Dauphin_County,_Pennsylvania
        Lykens –,_Pennsylvania

        Gratz (a borough in Dauphin County)

        Lyken means “to please”
        Lichens are flora, Lycans are wolves (werewolves to be exact/wolfman)
        Dauphin is somewhat the French equivalent of “king” if I remember. (son, eldest of the king)
        Grats is shorthand for congratulations.

        Liken –

        Gammon and Pickles –

        One thing that’s really buzzing in my head is the “special orders don’t upset us” line.
        I see loads of chit chat online regarding people questioning why others are not getting upset over all of these “special orders” that governments are issuing, and especially when these “special orders” are in stark contrast to, or even in direct violation of, existing law(s). Basically, people are shocked…that others aren’t shocked.

        ^KISS – Shock Me^

        BTW, the “Gratz” jumped out at me on the map as if I’d found something and the Universe was giving me a half-assed “grats” for doing so.

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        1. I’m shocked that more people aren’t shocked. There’s been plenty of shock from some quarters recently that The Supreme Court has thrown out a ton of ‘special orders’…


    1. And I don’t like the way Lashy talks about Jews either, but in the context of this post…

      … Jewel of denial?


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