2 thoughts on “CLICK5: Kubrick’s Wild Goose Chase?

  1. Supposedly, Filippo Brunelleschi left behind no evidence of his work except the Duomo itself, and people have been mystified by and marveled over the thing for centuries now.

    And all these monolithic sites? People have gotten so frustrated with trying to figure out how they were designed and built that the defacto explanation is…aliens. Not hard working and driven individuals busting their asses and being dedicated to figuring out how to meet challenges and overcome, but aliens with anti-gravity devices and lasers and shit.

    Kinda anti-human when you think about it. Diminishes human potential.
    Humans diminishing other humans.
    Sounds very human.

    ^björk : human behaviour (HD)^

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    1. I recently re-watched the movie and I noticed a certain disconnect (no pun intended) in long distance communications via telephone or radio, which I may look into.

      The Wendy theory intrigues me as we’ve recently had the whole who is the victim and who is the abuser argument on display in the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial. Interestingly, Clicky’s first and last post about the trial itself featured the same scene from The Shining…

      *Yeah, the forwards and backwards version may be useful for investigating the Wendy theory a bit more, Clicky…*

      On a personal note, connecting geniuses, Shakespeare and Kubrick, via The Shining is kinda groovy 😀

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