CLICK5: A Fourth Turning Tale – Land Of Hope & Tawdry…

5 thoughts on “CLICK5: A Fourth Turning Tale – Land Of Hope & Tawdry…

  1. Bob Hope: “…telling each Nazi in Russia that Crimea doesn’t pay.”

    That’s a syncy goldmine. lolz

    The most interesting bit tho is watching them read off of the teleprompters. Paper, I think it was called back then, Scripts.

    And speaking of scripts and people reading from them…

    Gog and Magog –

    It’s all laid out for us. All we gotta do is read the lines and play along.
    According to scripture, the payoffs are huge for those who do.

    ^Nitzer Ebb – Shame (Regis Edit) (2016)^

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  2. This may seem off-topic, but at the same time it’s kinda right on topic.

    Might help some expand their definition/see or at least be able to visualize what “climate control” really entails, who is pulling the strings, and for what reasons/why.

    *Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Couldn’t Stand the Weather (Video)*

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