CLICK5: Ham & Hamlet…

4 thoughts on “CLICK5: Ham & Hamlet…

  1. A lot of these “strange” happenings do not smack of union activities. They smell more corporate. A return to the 1960s/1970s/1980s when, if things were going badly or not according to a corporation’s plan, they themselves would start torching things. Blame it on anything and everything except themselves.

    Old school.

    Could also have elements of a corporate competitive thing tho too. One corp trying to hurt another in order to maintain or increase their own market share.

    Then the unions will step in, start themselves getting rowdy in order to protect their own interests.

    There will be other players of course.

    Speaking of change and changes, if you watch this video from 37 years ago, you’ll see an audience that appears – based upon their clothing and hairstyles – to consider themselves on the cutting edge of change(s), yet they all of them appear to have to no idea how to process/react to what is happening right in front of them. Massive bleeding edge changes are happening right in front of their faces, and none of them appear to know how to react or what to make of it, probably because they are too steeped in the “the popular ideas about what is/is not change”, they’ve been told everything they know, and Mr Thirlwell just don’t fit into any of those molds.

    ^Jim Foetus – Descent Into The Inferno – Live 1985^

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