Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: A Fourth Turning Tale – The Medium Is The Message

4 thoughts on “Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: A Fourth Turning Tale – The Medium Is The Message

  1. Such a pity. Macron is really okay and has done nothing to shame himself, unlike a large number of his predecessors, some of whom have been really awful.

    I liked Sarkosy because he cared about France, but even he blotted his copybook somewhat when it came to raising Funds.

    But I am getting very tired of ignorant Brits who know nothing about France. But I’ll tell you what. You don’t want A Republic. Much as The Republic of France has been very good to me. But then I remain a poverty stricken peasant.

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    1. I didn’t even realise the election in France was imminent until earlier this week. It usually garners a lot more coverage in the media than this one has. Probably due to the conflict in Ukraine.

      The writer of the Spectator article has lived in Paris for 12 years, I don’t know if that qualifies him as having insight about France, as Paris is pretty much a bubble like all major cities are. I’m a regular reader of The Slog. He’s lived in rural France for a long time and he thinks Macron’s actions and rhetoric on the Ukraine conflict could be a factor…


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