CLICK5: Doocy That?

3 thoughts on “CLICK5: Doocy That?

  1. I just suddenly realised what Library of Libraries means. How thick am I? Although I did try a bit of that recently. I just didn’t see what I was doing.

    Welly, Belly. That is Welsh for Godness Grossious me. But I might get better at this with posing time.

    I always like to talk to you because you are as roving niuts about Dachshunds as I am. I mean you have to be nuts. They are really dreadful dogs. Are we not so lucky?

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    1. She’s always been our baby girl. It’s weird to think that in dog years, she actually the oldest in the household. It’s been quite chilly the last few days; she’s been an excellent hot water bottle 😉


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