CLICK5: And The Oscar Goes To…

8 thoughts on “CLICK5: And The Oscar Goes To…

  1. One has to wonder if Willy would’ve slapped a female compere telling that joke.

    Ditto if Willy had been melanin deficient.

    And if the broadcaster’s attitude would have been the same.

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    1. No, he wouldn’t have and the theory from Nick Rekieta in the next LoL post makes perfect sense as to why this incident genuinely happened and wasn’t a pre-prepared. Needless to say, open marriages do not make happy marriages; Will Smith is a Beta Max 😉

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  2. As to whether or not Mr. Smith would have slapped a female comedian for the same “joke”, some food for thought.

    ^Public Enemies (9/10) Movie CLIP – Defying the Law (2009) HD^


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