CLICK5: For St Paddy’s Day, A Green Tweets Shamble…

9 thoughts on “CLICK5: For St Paddy’s Day, A Green Tweets Shamble…

  1. No Snakes in Ireland, apparently. St. Patric got rid of those. This is a bit sad because I like Snakes. Such lovely silky things they are.

    O’Connor is a Silky, although perhaps not quite the same thing. And he is Irish.

    What French person in their right mind would have named him O’Connor? Excepting that they ran out of “O” names in the French year of “O”.

    The longer I own him then the more bemused I become. O’Connor is something else.

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      1. I had to get used to Spiders when I came here, terrified though I was. This old house is infested with them. I spend a lot of time scooping them up and chucking them out. But they do catch a few flies now and again.

        I don’t kill anything if I can possible avoid it, but Flies to Spiders is fair game. As are Slugs to Hedgehogs.

        But I won’t be putting my money on O’Connor when it comes to Badgers, if he ever finds one. I will probably have to go and rescue him. Not something that I am looking forward to.

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        1. We have a slight mouse problem. I’m used to the little critters but Thoughtful Man is scared of mice. Poppy is ace at catching mice.


          1. Mice? Ha! They are only Field Mice, but they have just eaten a box full of Kiwi Fruit in the shed which I didn’t actually want anyway. So I have done my bit for them this Winter.

            They never come in the house these days. O’Connor would have them if they did. He thinks they are around for his personal enjoyment.

            What to do with a Classic Lap Dog when they forget who and what they are supposed to be.

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