CLICK5: Emanating Tigritude…

8 thoughts on “CLICK5: Emanating Tigritude…

  1. Oh FFS – WordPress is buggering things up again.

    The first reply didn’t appear, despite refreshing the screen. So composed the second. Then refreshed again. Lo & behold – just like having twins. Two essentially the same, but ever so slightly different. 🤣

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  2. Part of the reason of why I used Oh Well as a title for the article was connected with Out of Asia.

    Down The Oh Well.

    ‘Oh Family History

    Oh Name Meaning

    Korean (O): historically, there were two Chinese characters for the O surname, but by the late Koryo period (14th century ad), one of them had disappeared. Some records indicate that there are as many as 210 different clans for the remaining character, but only sixteen can be positively documented. All sixteen of these clans originate from the same ancestor, O Ch’om, who migrated to Korea from China during the reign of Shilla’s King Chijung (500–514 ad). Oh is a common surname throughout Korea. Japanese: Romanization of O ‘king’, the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese surname Wang. It is mostly borne by Japanese of Chinese descent or Chinese long-term residents in Japan.’

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