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  2. A vaccine is a weapon. People are unlikely to view a vaccine as a weapon, but that’s exactly what it is. I guess maybe a propensity to not think of vaccines as weapons because this particular weapon is not aimed at us. Which is quite asymmetrical because technically vaccines are aimed at us as are the needles, pills, drops and patches that deliver them, but we are not the target. (we tell ourselves this anyway)

    In hindsight I guess it foolish to think that vaccines would not eventually be utilized/weaponized in ways outside of its original/intended scope. Much like with firearms, if one does not consider a something a weapon, they may be unlikely to contemplate the many ways in which it can potentially bite them. Especially the abstract “I never would have thought of that” kinds of stuff.

    When I see “Gen X” folks attacking Gen Y, Gen Z and Millennials for being a bunch of whiney pussies and spoiled brats, it reminds me of my youth and seeing the Greatest, Silent and Boomer generations attack Gen X for the exact same reasons. Thing is tho, we live in times where the straightforward stuff is anything but straightforward. As such, when I see certain folks adopting past tactical (or even strategic) modalities, its sometimes akin to watching a division of foot soldiers with armed with slings and arrows take on a modern tank regiment that has air support.

    “Terrorism: Near Eastern Groups and State Sponsors, 2001,” Kenneth Katzman

    Click to access crs20010910.pdf

    Note the date on the above.

    Fourth Generation Warfare – https://www.iatp.org/sites/default/files/Fourth_Generation_Warfare.htm

    And the various generations don’t always “sync”.

    Jet Fighter Generations – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jet_fighter_generations

    Many 6th Gen and even 7th Gen are either already flying, in testing, or on the drawing boards.

    All that I guess to say that to think that warfare and weapons are “straightforward”, could be a chink in the armor. Of course, thinking that bloody and brutal hand-to-hand is passe would also be a mistake, but I get the feeling as of late that there is a concerted effort underway to weaken Gen X. Certainly efforts to control it, but yeah maybe also some interests desire to weaken it. /shrug

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    1. In seasonal terms, Gen-Xers are the Fall generation, outsiders and pragmatists…


      The use of ‘seeking a safe-harbour’ in that description worries me in regards to how these vaccines have been sold – ‘safe and effective’. Fortunately Gen-Xers are the ‘nomad’ archetype, for which ‘liberty’ is an endowment…


      You can bet your bottom dollar that attempts to undermine Gen-Xers are being made as we are the most conflicted.

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  3. Arnold Ridley, who played Private Godfrey was a brave character.

    A graduate of the University of Bristol, he volunteered for service with the British Army on the outbreak of the First World War in August 1914.

    Rejected because of a hammer toe, he enlisted as a Private with the Somerset Light Infantry in 1915.

    He sustained several wounds in close-quarter battle, and his left hand was left virtually useless by wounds sustained on the Somme. His legs were riddled with shrapnel; he received a bayonet wound in the groin; and the legacy of a blow to the head from a German soldier’s rifle butt left him prone to blackouts after the war.

    Ridley rejoined the army in 1939 and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in October 1939.He served with the British Expeditionary Force in France during the “Phoney War”. In May 1940, Ridley returned to Britain on the overcrowded destroyer HMS Vimera, which was the last British ship to escape from the harbour during the Battle of Boulogne. Shortly afterwards, he was discharged from the Armed Forces on health grounds. He relinquished his commission as a captain on 1 June 1940 and subsequently joined the Home Guard.

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