CLICK5: Timing From The Dez Rez Prez…

2 thoughts on “CLICK5: Timing From The Dez Rez Prez…

  1. The name “Truth Media” makes me want to hurl.

    He shoulda called it Trumpus.

    noun INFORMAL
    a noisy disturbance; a commotion.
    “he caused a rumpus with his flair for troublemaking”
    Similar: disturbance commotion uproar confusion furor brouhaha

    Yeah, lotta folks woulda bastardized the name and called it Trump puss and Trump piss Trump rump and all kinds of crazy shit, but people devoting time to such endeavors woulda not only added to the media bonanza, but woulda been a good tactical move by keeping the opposition’s heads off “more important” or “more worthwhile” tasks.

    This is probably why I’m not a political strategist tho, Hell, I can’t even secure even the most “menial” of employment.

    ^MC 900 ft. Jesus – Truth Is Out of Style [Official Music Video]^

    Still, this constant push to latch on to “truth” or establish “truth” or define “truth” or establish what “truth” is and/or where “truth” can be found?

    Pretty fucking scary.

    Wherever “truth” is troweled out, and especially where “truth” is troweled out as “fact”, thought is unlikely to be requisite and may even be prohibited. Someone has already done your thinking for you. Walked the path so you don’t have to. Quested for and located “the truth”, and all you need do is…accept it.

    Belief will be required. “The Truth” will not tolerate questioning nor questioners. Accept it, or else.

    Should produce some nice fracturing tho. That’ll keep the wheels turning at least.

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