CLICK5: Can Ya Nero?

5 thoughts on “CLICK5: Can Ya Nero?

  1. You are the bane of my life. Just when I don’t want to think about anything then you come along.

    But then you own a snake eyed Dachshund. Is the female of the species any more easy to deal with?

    O’Connor is a rotten little shit who stole my heart.

    Unfortunately I don’t have much idea of what you are talking about most of the time. But then you probably feel the same about me.

    This is friendship my friend.

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    1. Poppy is queen of the house and I’m chief mopper-upper and ball thrower. Thoughtful Man is chief belly-rubber and treat giver and Things One and Two of chief Poppy carriers up and down the stairs.

      Will you take some photos of your crocuses in the spring? I bet they’ll look luscious 😀


  2. You mean Poppy pees in the house? Oh My God, thank Christ for that if she does.

    Robin Dominic is a creep. He has succoured this dog into bad habits when I didn’t even see it coming. And now O’Connor loves Robin Dominic the most. Face licking which I wouldn’t have because I don’t like it. And so I lost the upper hand. O’Connor isn’t my dog. But he is well loved which is probably all that matters.

    Photos of the Crocuses? Robin Dominic will have to do that. My expertise are only related to words. But “Myster” on The McCann Forum did do a good one with O’Connor draped across my Avatar of Mona Lisa. It is on my Blog somewhere. And now up on my wall in my kitchen along side Hamlet the Afghan.

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    1. Poppy has been known to pee in the house. She’s especially fond of doing it after she’s been let out in the garden. I don’t know if that’s a dachshund thing, but licking definitely is. Feet,shins and faces; she particularly thorough with feet and shins and will not take no for an answer.


  3. Sorry, a bit late.

    I dare not come down the stairs with no shoes on. He is at my feet like a rocket and I don’t like that either.

    O’Connor definitely prefers to pee in the house just after he has been in the garden, which he does have free access to. This leads me to suspect that the poor little soul simply doesn’t understand. I laugh of course. What else is there to do?

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