CLICK5: A Fourth Turning Tale – Revolutionary Times

4 thoughts on “CLICK5: A Fourth Turning Tale – Revolutionary Times

  1. It’s always the vehicles, and never the roads and roadways themselves. /rolls eyes

    Roadways are like seething heat generators. Anything paved, from parking lots to sidewalks to foundations to driveways to runways to all of those roadways going here and there collect and release massive amounts of heat. Anything previously covered in grasses, brush, trees, unplowed dirt/soil, soppy mud, etc. are no longer acting to absorb or dissipate solar heat, and worse these surfaces which replaced growth create these chaotic/fractal-ish types of dynamics with respect to how they release heat into and disturb the atmosphere.

    Agriculture itself has to play a major role too because plowed fields also release a shitload of heat when nothing is growing in them. The amount of arable/cultivated land on the planet now has to be staggering. Even when something is growing in the field, I’d imagine certain crops also don’t do much to cushion that heat absorption/release. Some crops are probably more efficient than others in this regard.

    An important dynamic has to be that we now have places/regions in the world that typically did not generate much heat at all, which are now generating massive amounts of heat via development.

    Not sure why no one ever looks at paved surfaces and agriculture as being a major contributors to these “global warming” equations of theirs. Oh wait, if no one is gonna start screaming to shut down farms or that the roadways all be ripped up in order help stop climate change, because that’d create transportation, agricultural and economic Armageddons.

    Fix what you can I guess. Try and obscure and obfuscate everything else. /shrug

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    1. Funny you should mention roads as I was going to include the fact that lots of the action in Britannia 3 takes place on roads, especially roads through woods in my comment to Elena on Merovee. No spoilers because I hope to remote view the series with you some time (if we can), but in the last episode a ‘road in the sky’ features and a tribe made a human sacrifice to a god to destroy a Roman ‘demon road’.

      Climate emergency skeptics caught on to effects of heat islands, but it’s not something considered by climate emergency champions…

      … Who can’t even maintain what they have…

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      1. I’d add a note that sinkholes, landslides and erosion/erosive/degenerative/decay type things have become such a thing, one has to wonder what nature is telling us. More than that, are the engineers and designers looking for messages like that. They are becoming trendy it would seem. Question is, is anyone taking note, are the driving forces being given a serious look, or are they just covering them up. ZING!

        Couple natural vibrations with the vibrations generated by cars, trucks or any kinds of vehicles, foot traffic, water lines, sewage lines, gas lines, power lines, electrical wiring, machinery of any and every kind…lots of aggregate that has to add up to create some rather unusual vibrations. These frequencies have to be quite dynamic too considering the cyclical nature of life, which, mostly by default, follows the cycles of the sun. Which also means that heat and cold are going to be factors.

        Then there’s the actual weight(s) to consider. Those cracks in the pavement there + their nature, and that truck (lorry) being parked in such proximity, coupled with those embedded covers/access panels says to me there’s things happening on that side of the street that the engineers either didn’t anticipate, couldn’t anticipate, or maybe their scope was just too narrow. When taking money into consideration, could be just a case of their hands being tied and they did the best they could with what they had. I also have to wonder if there is concrete under the asphalt, and if so, how much, what kind, is it capped, is it uniform, is it contiguous, how old is it, is it sound, was it designed to anticipate changes/growth/additional stresses, yadda yadda.

        Another weird dynamic is gonna be resonant/resonance changes over time. I’d think several hundred tons of solid concrete resonates differently than the exact same structure would resonate when cracked. And there’s the reinforced types of concrete which are gonna resonate differently that any non-reinforced types of concrete. And you’ve got all kinds of weird an irregular shapes that are gonna effect frequencies I’d think, plus, I’m quite sure waves travel through solids differently than they do through air or water.

        And we gotta consider what we are taking out of the ground and where (oil, gas, minerals, etc.), in addition to all these things we are taking out of the ground and putting something else back. Huge state of flux, and if nothing else these rumored “sand shortages” for construction are a pretty good example of just how much movement of materials there has been over the past few centuries. Hell, in Australia the mining and natural resource industry is as such that the whole damn country may just disappear at some point. Sink beneath the waves, so to speak.
        (that image directly above is concrete being vibrated to remove air and make the concrete uniform btw)

        Sorry for going off, I guess I just envision what vibrating things and waves might look like underground and I imagine seeing all these crazy waves being generated and bouncing around and things vibrating like crazy. No telling what the source(s) and cause(s) might be either since we’re unlikely to have a solid understanding of historical resonances/anything that existed “naturally” prior to all this construction of the past few hundred years. I will add tho that the buffalo/bison of North America are almost always on my mind when I think about resonance and vibration. What their role was as they marches in their millions back and forth and up and down and around, and what changes have been set in motion via their slaughter.

        This is the kind of stuff I’d be doing if I were able to time-travel backwards. Observing and collecting historical data on weird an obscure “we didn’t think of that” kinds of shit that used to exist in nature but where we humans missed the boat in observing it. Would be a great opportunity to collect some unique data that resides in the “lost forever” file. But, maybe it’s there for a reason. Maybe we’re better of trying to survive with what we do have instead of pining over things we did have or could have had or would like to have had. Plus, reintroducing some old/extinct resonance into the existing one? Could be dangerous. Maybe even disastrous.

        Maybe that’s what is feeding these cycles and what happens when people “go old school”. They dig out some old something, add it to the new something, and the two things destroy themselves. Kinda some Hawking Radiation/entanglement and/or matter-antimatter type dynamic, cept more of a human or social type element directly involved.

        And I gotta wonder too, if some old something, which was totally unknown previously, suddenly appeared/manifested itself, would we consider that something new, even tho it was old, and potentially ancient? How would we know? How could we know? It’s entirely possible we are riding waves in time which have a wavelength where the periods are so distant that it is impossible to recognize these waves as actually being waves. We think them one-offs or rarities or coincidences or insignificances or maybe even just chalk them up as random bits of noise or chaos instead of an integral part of a much larger something. An unseen and incomprehensible something generating crests and valleys in time and space on an unfathomable scale.

        ^The Jacksons – Can You Feel It^

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