CLICK5: Speaking Frankly Of The Shock O’ Late

5 thoughts on “CLICK5: Speaking Frankly Of The Shock O’ Late

  1. Roob

    I’m not sure. A lot of this is beyond our Ken 🙂 and I’m seeing popular culture as some form of reality but I think we maybe dealing with some sort of Davros / Cyberman mind. It’s both freaky and scary. And maybe not of this earth.

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    1. I’ve seen reports that the spike protein in the MrNA Covid vaccines can pass through the blood brain barrier. I think that’s the mural cells you refer to in your post…

      The Health and Green religions are very Dalek in their mentality…

      *Right, Clicky. Zero Covid, zero tobacco, zero carbon…*

      … And Big Tech and Mainstream Media act like Cybermen…

      *Kinda speaks for itself… /lights up and smokes… Or maybe not….*

      Politicians, though, they’re just Slitheen…

      *Due to climbing the greasy pole, no doubt…*


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