CLICK5: Sign Age

3 thoughts on “CLICK5: Sign Age

  1. Roob

    About the dead reporter. Some of this is seriously unpleasant.

    The inquest will just say suicide due to whatever. Case closed.

    Here’s another one. Lots of weird names in there though.

    Teenage boy experimenting with drugs falls off cliff. Case closed.

    ‘Musician Nick Cave’s teenage son took LSD before he fell off a cliff in Brighton, an inquest has heard.

    Arthur Cave, 15, was found with multiple injuries on the underpass of Ovingdean Gap in July. He died later at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

    Sussex Police said his death was not suspicious, and the coroner ruled it was “accidental”.

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    1. It was a summer works party for clients at the Anchor. Prince Charles was visiting Tate Modern at the same time, which meant one of our clients was late to the party because he was escorting Chaz on a tour of the gallery.


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