CLICK5: Notes On *That* Interview…

10 thoughts on “CLICK5: Notes On *That* Interview…

  1. I suddenly have the feeling that this has more to do with the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan than it does the Diana interview. Or at least, someone now has an ace in the hole to play regarding the Oprah interview and what was said.

    I could be wrong on that.

    I do know that all one has to do is cast doubt.

    Not really sure what to make of the racism angles being played just yet because my mind is racing around what other interviews/work(s) by this Martin Bashir fella may be subject to scrutiny and/or attack, and what kind of a trainwreck that could turn into.

    Maybe at a minimum, it’ll finally start to sink in with some people that The Beeb is a business like any other, and they sometimes engage in some quite heinous shit in order to bring the viewer the programming they do/give the people what they want.

    ^Queen – All Dead, All Dead (Remastered 2011)^

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          1. Was kinda syncy. News Of The World….Queen…Dead…and the robot from Queen’s album as I used some images from The Iron Giant movie in my post yesterday. 🙂

            I try to use music vids from the official accounts when and if I can. Unless of course there’s something special about the video itself. A cool fanmade video or a nifty remix or interesting cover, etc.. Still surprises me tho the amount of blocking that is going on. I guess all the diversification (plus all the copyright and fair use bullshit) makes monetization quite the challenge at times. Gotta make sure the right people get paid, sharpish, and with little fuss.

            Speaking of which, the BBC is notorious for being viciously controlling when it comes to “their” intellectual property. I’m wondering now if at least some of that paradigm has to do with better controlling any sketchy or dodgy shit they may engage in. /shrug

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    1. I wondered about that too when I saw Harry is promoting more interviews with Oprah…

      I was pretty sure there’s some sort of ‘war’ going on between Kate and Meghan, when Kate appeared, maskless, at the Sarah Everard vigil on Clapham Common a few days after the hugely high-profile Sussex’s interview with Oprah…

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      1. Marriage is such a weird institution. I’m looking backwards at my own failed marriage now of course, and it sometimes stuns me the stuff I missed in looking forwards at/towards marriage. Not only/just where I fucked up and how I could have done differently (and perhaps better), but the institution itself is fucking bizarre and looks totally different from the “after” perspective. Marriage is a strange dance where neither party is likely to know what the fuck they are doing nor why they are doing it, everyone is screaming at you as to how to do it and where you are fucking up, and eventually you either gotta fall in line and do as you’re told, or just figure it out/make it up as you go. Ultimately, it either works out or it don’t, and of course everyone, again, will have opinions and will not hesitate to tell you them.

        Can only imagine what a nightmare all that royal crap adds to the dance. I guess at the end of the day maybe not much different than any other family politics stuff. Who is responsible for bringing what to the BBQ, who gets invited, who doesn’t, why, who gets to make those decisions, the hierarchy, the family cliques, blah blah blah. Cept maybe the difference with royals is that they are in the public eye for every single thing they do, and the media is like some nosey Gladys Kravitz (Bewitched) type who is snooping and tattling on it all. (mainly because she both does and does not understand what she’s seeing and experiencing)

        Lotta pressure for anyone to be born into such a situation I imagine. To willingly join that? Yeah, I can see those within certain circles questioning the motives of anyone who would willingly want to be a part of a nightmare like that, and perhaps not just and only under the guise of “keeping the riff-raff out”.

        Quite the cage royalty builds for itself. Not that I’m an expert, just some Southern Yank with some interest for my own selfish reasons. But yeah, lots of cages.

        To know bondage, is to know freedom? (sorry, my mind is racing off to the edge of the universe now so I should prolly just shut up)

        BTW, Liz is wearing some dope-ass colors in that picture. I like it.

        ^The Shawshank Redemption Opera Scene^

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