CLICK5: Small Leaks & Big Puddles

2 thoughts on “CLICK5: Small Leaks & Big Puddles

  1. Kinda weird to think that “poor/starving musicians” survive by taking nickels and dimes (or pence and shillings) from their own social class, and they eventually become wealthy by continuing to do so. Moreover, these musicians are also making money for the very same wealthy folks they once rebelled against, which are also the ones made sure they were in a position to have holes in their shoes. Which, in turn inspired them to write a song about their experiences whilst wearing those holey shoes, which eventually made them wealthy enough to be able to afford shoes with no holes. Or at least, holes that were intentionally put there.

    ^Paul McCartney – Fixing A Hole^

    Of course, if one believes the astrological/spiritual dogmas, prior to being born one willingly agreed to be put into a position to where they’d have holes in their shoes. I gotta wonder tho if these “soul contracts” are really that specific. Are they vague and generalized kinds of “you ain’t gonna like this particular existence” or “this particular ride is going to be a tough one”? Or are they itemized and specific, detailing every little thing that will ever happen to you in this particular life. Certainly would put an interesting spin on the ideas surrounding reincarnation and karma.

    Perhaps I should shut up and save such thinking for a story. 😛

    ^K.C. and Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes(Long Version)^

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