CLICK5: Next Stop, The Education Station

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  1. Roobster I went to see my friends last night who I haven’t seen in awhile they got a new black lab called Odin but it’s a female. 😳 Odin does not get along with the black cats Zeus and Cersei unsurprisingly.

    Anyhow one of my friends had his hair dyed blue and the first thing he said to me was have you watched Songbird yet? 🤯

    His birthday is 8.15 and he has a dragon tattoo on his chest I have no idea what is going on but everything appears to be merging into one. His name is ISTVAN.

    Meanwhile the Notsees Pharisees are trying to ban another Van the Man from Bell Fast.

    AnyHOO This video is down to you as you inspired me to examine the fifth element.

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  2. This may not seem related, but I think it is.

    Institution vs Process

    When an/the institution so masks its process(es), it becomes something else entirely.
    It becomes a belief, perhaps?
    Maybe even a, religion?

    ^Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized lyrics^

    The institution wipes away the very process(es) that made it, new processes arise within and of the institution itself, and objectivity is lost. All that remains is the security and associated bliss that only the institution can provide. No more time spent wandering in the wilderness with no clue what one is doing nor why, nor what all this crazy shit one is experiencing means. The objectives are made clear, the journey and all of its associated traumas and travesties are either lost or purposely erased, errata and the unforeseen are regarded as enemies, and meaning is lost.

    Everything becomes a block of time, in time, which strives to manage time and times. Everything becomes adherence and/or compliance. The rogues and rebels which made the whole mess possible are pushed out in favor of “order”. Ordered. Ordering. Those who do not fit, or who do not comply, or do not uphold the standard(s), are rejected in favor of those who can or will. A weird loop starts to form there as its almost like a shadow of the survival instinct, but its a strange iteration of survival as the thing itself (the institution) doesn’t actually exist. Its no longer about wandering about lost and babbling nonsense to oneself whilst trying to find one’s own way, its about regurgitating what others have done and attempting to emulate their efforts in your own life and your own journey. And that of course is all the “good stuff” with very little (if any) emphasis on the bad and virtually no coping skills can be developed for anything except success. Perhaps this is why “success” is always so hollow, or at least touted as being highly overrated.

    BTW, if someone had let me into college back in 2017? I’d be about to graduate with a Bachelors, and still have damn near 20 years until I’m old enough to retire. Not bitter, just sayin’. Reflecting a bit on time(s) and processes.

    ^Skinny Puppy – Process^

    (Skinny Puppy-Process – lyrics)
    Alternative – mass control
    Diversification and guilt
    Jealousy prejudice
    The courage to be themselves… often hated
    Aims to make individual freedom
    Spiritual bounds mental shackles
    To heal the wound of separation
    To question the unquestioning of the mind
    Offers an alternative to mass control
    The center of the information war
    We have progressed
    Physically as far as we can go… next stage mental
    The process is you
    Justification decentralized by conditioned guilt
    Fear responses
    For individuals who wish to acquire
    Sigil to the will
    Give the mind before which is a function of the self to react
    And this focusing releases a tremendous energy
    As the concourse lowers positive flow of energy
    So be it
    The process
    So be it
    Body like mindedness
    Ageless souls
    Striving for individual matters
    Toward collective goals
    A guiltless state of self awareness
    The process is you
    The process is yours

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    1. Cade I missed out on all my exams at school as being a punk I just wanted to drink, go to gigs and chase girls.

      I was in my teenage rebellion stage…. I think I still am.😂

      The teachers used to beat me badly because of my spiked hair, pierced ears and Gen X, Boomtown Rats and Siouxse badges.

      I used to shout the Pink Floyd lyrics at them, we don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control.”

      It is purrfect irony that I ended up being a teacher.

      It is only the kids with mooney those who control the currency that get the best education that is how the process works.

      Until it crashes and it is at a tipping point at the moment.

      At the rich private school I taught at the teachers were all Oxford graduates, brain dead zombies who believed they were better than everyone else. I didn’t fit into their club and their idea of how a teacher should think and behave. They were brainwashing the students with their politically correct manifesto and promoting their climate change death cult. Hence why I was never invited back I rocked the boat too much because I spoke my mind.

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      1. If I understand you correctly, yeah that’s kinda what I was thinking about. Loyalty to the institution(s) rather than the processes that the institution(s) were founded upon. And when one thinks about it, it’s a tough snake to wrestle with too. We have the benefit of being surrounded by infrastructures of all kinds which basically allow us to be non-self-aware spoiled brats. Running water/indoor plumbing, electricity, climate controlled houses, communications, paved roads, medical infrastructure, public services like fire, rescue, policing, military, security, etc., legal systems, supply chains of all kinds to bring us food, goods and services of all kinds with relative ease…its easy to overlook all this stuff, and its easy for us to be unfair as to what we demand of these things. Especially when one ignores the blood, sweat and tears that our forebears endured just to create these things for us, their legacy. And if one DOES recognize these things, it becomes even more difficult to rebel against these institutions when they do in fact become corrupt. We may adopt the “it’s better than nothing” or “it’s better than the alternative” kinds of modalities. In effect, support the institution(s) irrespective of their faults.

        I guess that’s where I have to wonder when we as a species, or even as individuals, become truly lost. We make bad decisions based upon the bad decisions of others, and eventually the decision-making process(es) become so entangled in “bad” that it becomes virtually impossible to make a good decision. There’s potentially a polar flip which happens, and in order to make a “good” decision in the current environment/under the current circumstances, the decision has to be “bad” in order to be perceived as “good”. Anything that is actually “good” will be perceived as being “bad”. Anything that is actually good will appear contrary, far-out, or maybe even downright evil.

        This may seem a bit of a stretch as far as anecdotes to relate what I mean, but there’s been a long-running debate in the scientific community as to the ethics of placing nuclear power sources aboard spacecraft, and further the ethics of equipping probes with nuclear power sources. Science and/or scientists will argue that putting a nuclear power source into space is akin to putting a drop of water into the ocean considering how “radioactive” that “space” already is naturally. Basically, its sold as being a non-issue to science, and they’ve been sending nuclear powered generators up into space for quite some time. There are even plans to power spacecraft in the future via nuclear explosions, where the spacecraft will be accelerated by riding the shockwaves of a nuclear detonation.

        Truth is, we know that this can and will become an issue down the road. One quick look around our planet will accurately demonstrate how this short-sighted thinking is almost sure to come around and bite us in the ass, as “dismissing the impact of waste(s)” is already starting to eat us alive. So my question is, can we continue to rely on the infrastructures and institutions that continue to make the same bad decisions? Moreover, can we make good decisions solely upon using the information from bad decision making?

        Nuclear Power In Space –

        Science tries to distance itself from religion, but it would appear to me that science is gonna have to develop its own messianic mythologies soon as they are gonna require a savior at some point to clean up the mess they’ve made and save “their church”. (science, scientists, scientific institutions of learning and/or mechanisms of industry/commerce, etc.) Who knows, maybe Hermes Trismegistus and/or The Creator themselves will show up at some point and start kicking some asses. /shrug

        I don’t hate institutions, and its not even that I don’t like them. (even tho I personally try and stay away from them) It’s more a matter that my faith is in the people that occupy them and/or the people that support or oppose them. The buildings and infrastructures and their systems are likely to be quite sound. The people in them tho? Yeah, maybe not so much.
        /again I shrug

        I get the feeling they don’t think much of me either. lolz

        ^AC/DC – Who Made Who (Official HD Video)^

        As far as I can tell, the power of illusion is quite strong with humans and perhaps also within the entirety of Nature and all across the Universe. We want to be hypnotized. We want that abstract layer hiding things from us. From soaps and deodorants to vacuum cleaners and landfills to clothing, ad-blockers and VPNs, we seem to gravitate towards hiding things from ourselves, from others, and we like it when others hide things from us. As to the “mystery” and “knowing” aspects, I can’t really say, but we do seem to be persnickity as to what we want to know, and when and if we want to know it. Conditionals.

        Maybe causes us to develop some weird ideas about clean/unclean, or what is dirty, or even what is “bad” or “evil”. Maybe not. /shrug

        I shrug so fucking much out of non-knowing, I likely have the most developed and powerful trapezius muscles on the planet. 😉


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  3. Roobster what is yours about I take it you have one or two included. I am still editing mine not happy with parts of it.

    I have just realised that we have had thunder and lightning here for the last two Wednesdays. And last night Van told me his father had died.

    The two ravens Thought (THotH) and MeMory they can break the sound barrier as well.

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    1. It’s the third installment of my Ronageddon series, which started with ‘What Time Do You Finish?’…

      … Continued with ‘Christmas Death Wish’…

      … And will shortly appear here as ‘Walk I, With You’…

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