CLICK5: Spring Is Coming…

5 thoughts on “CLICK5: Spring Is Coming…

  1. Roobster I see it as a ring is coming 👂 with go postal wings… over to the Fab Four.

    Let EM/ME in. Clackity clack ack ack.

    Who is the Fourth Man and is he turning and crossing the Fourth Bridge?

    And the Fourth Go spell is it John Lenin?

    Who is the evil mastermind H…. the fourth man in Line of Duty my money is definately on Hancock. They don’t came any more sinister than him. I would bet Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee don key on it.

    Do you know that is how you could tell a Prod from a Catholic in Ireland by the way they pronounce the H that and the six fingers and six toes.

    Catholics back in the old country pronounce it as Haitch and the Maze prison was set out in cell blocks of H.

    Well, Line of Duty is now filmed in Belfast and now not only do we have Hastings (as in the battle fella) but now we have another Ulsterman joining the suspects as in me old mucker Jiminy Nesbitt.

    I lent him my lucky copper bracelet once He has never given it back the wee shite

    The Circle Game.

    The whole bloody place is full of bent coopers or is it nickels. Mother of God.

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    1. Hi Shiny

      I’m afraid I haven’t seen any ‘Line of Duty’ but I can tell from conversations on my Twitter feed that people are really enjoying it. With regard to ‘bent coppers’, I did recently watch ‘Serpico’…

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