CLICK5: Marvelous Snap Back

10 thoughts on “CLICK5: Marvelous Snap Back

  1. I read it as PanS Back 😈

    December 10, 1909– Hermes Pan:

    “Dancers are like children. It’s the only way they can do what they do”.

    In Memphis (the one in the USA, not Egypt), 111 years ago, he was born with the terrific name, Hermes Panagiotopoulas, but he would become Hollywood’s “Hermes Pan”, the man who danced with and for Fred Astaire.

    In Memphis, as a little boy, Pan’s ”mammy” (as black housekeepers were called in that era) would sometimes take him home at night to the part of city known as Black Bottom,

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    1. I use propaganda posters from the First and Second World Wars in my lessons demonstrating to the students how the British government LIED to the public about German atrocities. You must always examine and test your sources rigoroussly I tell them… can you trust them…are they reliable?

      Hisstory has this uncanny knack of repeating itself

      Join the Jab Army Now Your country needles you.

      Watch out for the sudden wind rush Don’t Panic just get off your bums and bend over.

      Who do you think you are KIDDing Mr Hit Her we are not falling for that one again.

      Rocket Man and Mr Wayne’s Batman

      Lord Darzi mm sounds like Nazi to me.

      I have plenty of material from the BBC lately to last me a lifetime of lessons.

      Now class pay attention this is how the British and American media employed Nazi propaganda methods during the Vaccine Wars.

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        1. Pah it is amazing how our subconscious works that Merovee post is a mirror image of the one I wrote only it’s a gold mirror not silver it’s got everything in there, Mars, Mirrors, Shells, Forth Bridges, 99’s, aliens and paws. I wrote mine awhile back and the only way Frank would know is if he could read my mind.

          As I mentioned before with our freaky Loren Coleman sync telepathy is a thing. Frank if you are watching apologies for the naughty nurse images that I am always projecting. 🤪

          Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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    2. They will be giving out white feathers next to those who refuse the vaccine…you selfish beast…you unpatriotic coward…. think of the NHS… think of all the lives you will save will be the cry.🙀

      I have removed about a dozen people out of my life recently over this including the last girlfriend it’s like a religious cult. I told her if she was getting the vaccine I didn’t want to be infected by the F ear virus.

      But you are a History teacher you should know better and be setting a good example by wearing a mask and taking the jab she cried. That’s exactly why I wont be doing any of those things because I do teach history. I replied. I will wear my white feather with pride 💪 🕊

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        1. Well I did use to be a milkman Roobster working for ExpreSS is it gold or silver tops you prefer one pint or two 🥛 and I do love white chocolate but Mercury had wings did he not and he was linked to writing and messages and what is an angel if not a meSSenger. Which is why he didn’t carry a sword but a caduceus he was a lover not a fighter.

          Most of those who received white feathers refused to take sides or partake in their war games. I was referring to white doves which is why I included one at the end.

          Smooking The Pan Pipes of Peace 😉

          Pan Hermes learned his dance moves from the black community and his black mamma he was 50/50 like the piano keyboard.

          and syncing back to the white Milkman or the black Nat King Coleman Mustard.

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