CLICK5: Germ Warfare

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  1. Germane

    Germane : Pronunciation of Germane as a name for boys (also used as girls’ name Germane) has the meaning “brother; from Germany”. Germane is a version of Germain (French, Latin): from Latin Germânus.

    Germane (adj.)

    mid-14c., “having the same parents,” a doublet of german (adj.) but directly from Latin germanus instead of via French (compare urbane/urban). Main modern sense of “closely connected, relevant” (c. 1600) derives from use in “Hamlet” Act V, Scene ii: “The phrase would bee more Germaine to the matter: If we could carry Cannon by our sides,” which is a figurative use of the word in the now-obsolete loosened sense of “closely related, akin” (late 15c.) in reference to things, not persons.

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  2. Cabaret
    CA Beret
    Cab O Rey
    Cabo Ray

    “Cabo is Spanish, Portuguese and Galician for cape.”

    cabo –

    Ray – 1 each of the lines in which light (and heat) may seem to stream from the sun or any luminous body, or pass through a small opening.
    2. any of a set of straight lines passing through one point.

    ray –

    Lines and points.

    Rey means “King” in Spanish, and it would appear that :”Rey” is used by both genders.

    Everything has to come from somewhere I guess.

    ^ATTLAS – Parallel Lines (Enzo Bennet Remix)^

    With the proliferation of all kinds of modes and means of travel in our time(s), I guess it could be said that we here in the now have been “spoiled” regarding travel. Plunk down some cash, and just about anyone can go anywhere. That giant ship and it’s 10K containers in the Suez is causing transportation problems, and I guess this new nCoV-2019 travel endorsement thingie is as well. BTW I didn’t recall Uluru/Ayers Rock being so close to Alice Springs. A Town Like Alice? Just kinda weird that I saw a Neville Shute reference the other day regarding him being “a mad genius”. Digress.

    And yeah, the vaccine passport thing is concerning, but at the same time this is nothing new as far as I know. Seems to me that I had to submit a copy of my shot records to get my passport, and there have always been some countries that require special vaccinations if you wanna visit their country. (depending largely upon your point of origin I would imagine) I also seem to recall getting some booster shots prior to my heading overseas. I don’t recall them being required, but recommended. As to why people are getting so bent over this new thing, I can only understand it from the perspective of the flu shot being dodgy, it has always been dodgy, and maybe the pharmaceutical companies are sick and tired of all the crap that usually surrounds the flu shot. They wanna force their hand, make it requisite, and need that guarantee of cashflow?

    Which reminds me, I heard that the captain of Evergreen’s ship Ever Given was/is female. Prolly not true and just some “women drivers” e-meme in the making, but even if it were true I don’t think that would matter because I would imagine a pilot was in command of the navigation whilst traversing the canal. Considering the geographical location, I’d imagine that the number of females in such roles would be quite low.

    Maritime Pilot –

    Gender identity issues encroaching upon travel? Gender allowing/prohibiting one’s movement through certain circles and/or travel through one’s own life?

    That’s not a new thing either…is it?

    ^i_o – Possession^

    Oh…one last thing or two before I stfu. This ad crossed my Twitter feed yesterday…

    Q: Are small farms and small farmers still small farms/small farmers when backed/sourced by giant agricultural corporations?
    A: Fucked if I know, but its a head-scratcher for sure.

    Corporate union(s)?

    ^Philip T.B.C. feat. C.Monts – Back To The Batcave (Topspin Remix)^

    All kinds of ways to out people pretending to be someone/something they aren’t.
    Question is, once you’ve done so, now what?
    Just wondering about the seeds that are sown which grow into some kind of something.

    Gonna need some infrastructure for dealing with such issues as outing spies. Some predefined and agreed upon something. An agreement that binds all to certain predictable and predefined behavior(s). Protection racket(s).

    Maybe a lot of what we are seeing is identity issues with all of this infrastructure that is already in place.
    Lotta new shit built on top of old shit, lotta people clinging to the old shit, lotta people clambering for the new shit, lotta people who have no clue what the fuck to do nor why.
    Kinda difficult to get a bead on what is what and why and according to whom and blah blah blah.

    ^Finitribe – Forevergreen (Vocal Edit)^

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    1. A passport to go to pubs, clubs, events, shopping, restaurants within your own country is new, Cade. To be honest, I’m sick of the argument that shots are need to visit some shithole country with poor sanitation, as a way of justifying the introduction of domestic passports in order to participate in civil society. And all for a disease that 99.8% of people survive? I don’t want to travel abroad, my passport has elapsed, but I’ll need to consent to participating in an trial of an experimental drug, for the rest of my life, in order to go to the pub or supermarket in the future? That’s just total and utter shitcake bollocks on the face of it, with or without a mask.

      I guess the closest we’ve come it such a thing in the UK was probably during WW2 with ration books. The British government loved rationing so much, they kept it until 1954…

      ‘In the United Kingdom, the rationing system remained in place for many years after the end of the War. In some respects it was more strict after the war than during it—two major foodstuffs that were never rationed during the war, bread and potatoes, went on ration after it (bread from 1946 to 1948, and potatoes for a time from 1947). Tea was still on ration until 1952. In 1953 rationing of sugar and eggs ended, and in 1954, all rationing finally ended when cheese and meats came off ration.’

      It has always been about control of the population and I think Western governments are envious of the level of control the CCP appears to exert over the citizens of China. That pharmaceutical companies are integral to bringing about their wet dream utopia is fascism. Putting the onus on all business to coerce the population to acquiescing to their demands is fascism. I’ve mentioned before that you can’t even slip a cigarette paper between communism and fascism, they are so tightly bound by the socialist ideology that utopia is not only possible but inevitable.

      I had a little listen of the latest Wes podcast earlier – only the first 15 minutes or so, to see if it fits in with this post, and actually it fits in perfectly with your observation about ‘identity issues with all of this infrastructure that is already in place’…

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      1. Yeah I get what you are saying about the domestic passport thing being “new”, but I guess I have so much stuff swirling around in my head that its tough to express it all. Thinking about here and needing shots to attend school, needing shots to work at a job, required to carry ID at all times and produce this ID if and when directed by “an authority”, having to show ID to get into a movie, club, bar, and many other places both public and private, having to have ID in order transact certain business dealings, social security cards, drivers licenses and/or state ID(s), etc.. And speaking of, I got that new RealID on my drivers license and didn’t even know it.

        Federal Real ID Act –

        One is required to have picture ID when flying, and I assume that from here on out one must have a state issued ID that has the new RealID mark for that state. Not to mention, if one intends to cross state lines for any reason, its always been a damn good idea to have a photo ID on you at all times. Certain states are really fucking weird about out of state residents, and they can make your life fucking miserable if the mood strikes them to do so. Good idea to behave exactly as directed. 😉

        Of course, all of this is applicable only to adults. Kinda. I think I got my Social Security card when I was 11, but now they issue them at birth. I remember being kicked out of shopping malls as a kid because my parents weren’t with me. Lots of stores and markets would prohibit kids from even entering without being accompanied by parents (or an adult) and lots of restaurants that wouldn’t serve you.
        Produce ID to prove your age, or get lost.

        I have no idea what happened to my passport. Went to look for it around the time it was about to expire (1997) because I wanted to get it renewed, but I never could find it. No clue what happened to it and guess it got lost in a move or maybe thrown away accidentally. Sucks too because my passport stamps are lost forever.

        Oh and one last thing regarding “clubs and being a member”…I dunno how it is in the UK, but shopping clubs have been a huge thing here for quite a while. Each store has its own club, and you join the club to get lower prices on your groceries or whatever. Its really just a way of keeping track of who is shopping in a store, what they are buying, and how much they are spending. Good way of making financial projections I’m sure. That said, stores doing this themselves is new-ish, but these metrics are something that credit card companies have been tracking for a long time, so, yeah. So now were into credit and credit being a form of ID, which, it is. Many businesses will not require a photo ID, but they will require a credit card. Some businesses may req

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        1. FUCK!!!


          I somehow hit the hot key for submit whilst I was mid-sentence. rofl

          anyway…yeah, credit card, photo ID, phone bill or some other utility bill, library card…ID, ID, ID.

          And the only other thing that I was thinking was that if someone is a citizen of a certain country by birth, it can be assumed that such an individual is going to have had all kinds of vaccinations. Prolly just a something taken for granted…until now that is.

          ^M.I.A. – Paper Planes^

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          1. We have retailer ‘loyalty’ schemes too, Cade. I totally get what you saying about the number of IDs we hold, either voluntarily or involuntarily; however, none of which are an experimental drug. The drug is the license.

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            1. There’s been a lot of ’em for sure. Smallpox, Polio, Anthrax, Rubella, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Chicken Pox, Mumps, Rabies, etc., all of which were experimental at some point. The catch being, why the need now to be so cavalier with some testing program. Why the rush. Flu vaccines have been around for a while now, we are no stranger to both SARS and MERS either, so what is it that we are not being told. Why are protocols, procedures and/or regulations being overlooked.

              I’ve no answers. /shrug

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