CLICK5: Remembering Terry

2 thoughts on “CLICK5: Remembering Terry

  1. Weird. I stumbled across his “Right To Die” documentary earlier in the week.

    Even more strange is last night I dreamed that a certain someone bought me a copy of “Good Omens 2” on DVD, but when it arrived it was this massive 20,000+ page book that looked like someone had glued a bunch of phone books together. The delivery person explained to me that the Good Omens 2 series hadn’t even been made yet so they sent me the book instead. Was carrying it up a staircase, bumped into David Tennant, he offered to read it to me, I thanked him but declined explaining that I was in the big middle of trying to write my first novel and didn’t want their ideas in my head and was also under some pressure to finish my novel sometime in this century. lolz

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    1. That’s so weird! Last night I dreamed I was sticking telephone books together and Peter Capaldi was in charge of the pot of glue…

      *I know, Clicky… /shrugs… I can barely remember my dreams, unlike Cade…*

      No pressure, Cade, but series 3 of American Gods is nearly ready for us to binge remote view together ;P


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