CLICK5: Long Walk, Short Piers

6 thoughts on “CLICK5: Long Walk, Short Piers

  1. Good for Piers Morgan. I don’t often agree with him but he has a right to disagree with me and that pair of wankers of you know who I mean.

    It is going to take me a minute or ten to get over this. I doubt they will get over it quite so quickly..

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    1. I wouldn’t of thought Woko Ono and her pet ginge give two figs, Elena. But Pandemic Piers is gone! And that can only be good for the nation’s sanity and what’s left of our freedoms.


  2. Ok, so as a dumb American, I don’t know how the statement issued by the palace was thought of by Brits…to me, they are always icy cold. I think they are completely unrelatable.
    They are German anyway. But stuff like this…

    Is stuff like this done because she’s a bitch, or is it an initiation for Meagan. You know, like some ritual they do to ‘put her in her place’, but Meagan knows this is happening? or is it just for the press and Meagan and the other are both in on it?

    I know you might be surprised that I don’t know, but again, I find them totally unrelatable.

    Whitney Webb interviewed a person who knew Jeffrey Epstein and Guilaisne Maxwell and Maxwell said they used to make Diana cry on purpose, etc. None of this is surprising because I think they have no feelings.

    I can’t figure out if Harry and Meagan are a PR stunt right now, or they are rocking the boat? Is everybody in on it or is Harry truly doing something different? With them, you’ve got the red-haired angel (Harry, nephilim) mating with an earthly woman, and their baby is Archie (archon). And Megan was in a show called Suits…human suit?

    IDK what is going on.

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    1. She’s a bully, The Firm are bullies, Piers Morgan is a bully, the Government are bullies… we’re currently living in a bully bullshit time.

      I dunno MJ, there could be something with dates/numbers: The Sussexes announced they were leaving on 8th Jan 2020 (1/8), the interview was broadcast on British telly on 8th March 2021 (3/8) and their second child is expected in “the summertime”. If it’s on July 8th, there’ll a 1-3-7 connection between these 3 events. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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