CLICK5: Les Folies Gerber

7 thoughts on “CLICK5: Les Folies Gerber

  1. Hi. I went on a little trip.

    Yes. A real anomaly.

    Something is happening when my mother starts giving me stuff like this:

    and this is the SECOND CRYSTAL MY MOM GAVE ME! Ok, the last one, it “did” something to me. I kept looking at it and holding it and thinking it was cool my mom gave me a crystal. But then I became convinced that Martians were controlling earth.
    My mother is beautiful and she also has beautiful jewelry and beautiful things and she is a little different from me but she is excellent but I always (worried) her. Everything worried her. Except now I worry me. But not really. Just don’t know anything.

    “a little something extra”

    “Wow!…thanks, Mom” (she *winks* at me) 😳 the f*c…

    I have to sleep and will see your new posts tomorrow. I’m gonna sleep with this crystal and I’m sure it’s got lots of wonderful energy and let’s see what we ‘download’ from this beautiful mysterious quartz from the Mothership ☺️

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      1. Yes, that is my channel and most of the videos are simply there so I can copy the link to show something because sending videos takes up lots of space. I did get an orb floating around in a bird murmuration and I think it’s called “ufo….”something something. And the band playing in the background is called Magic Birds!
        Yes part of it is an optical illusion but there is seriously something strange happening too! The optical illusion is to enhance what is already there. You’d have to go to see (feel) it yourself.

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  2. One more thing… today in the car, this Dog Star was looking at me and look how cute.

    (vehicle called “gator”, I didn’t know it exists)

    I drive up closer in turning lane and Dog Star still looking me! 😊

    Sirius A and Sirius B

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  3. “Caesium-based atomic clocks use the electromagnetic transitions in the hyperfine structure of caesium-133 atoms as a reference point. The first accurate caesium clock was built by Louis Essen in 1955 at the National Physical Laboratory in the UK.Caesium clocks have improved over the past half-century and are regarded as “the most accurate realization of a unit that mankind has yet achieved.” … Caesium clocks regulate the timing of cell phone networks and the Internet.”

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