CLICK5: Lizard Shamble Sunday

2 thoughts on “CLICK5: Lizard Shamble Sunday

  1. There are those who will argue that we humans cannot do anything alone. More than that, many of the same people will likely argue that our own individual intuition is unreliable…faulty…inconsistent. They aren’t wrong, but in many instances, “compatibility” is more likely “the problem”. Will this clay mold to my needs. We are talking about “the above” trying to mold and manipulate “the below” for better ease of maintenance. It is with that in mind that one has to entertain a question…

    Q: What happens when “the below” becomes self-sufficient?
    A: ?¿?

    Does the above vanish? Are the roles reversed in some pole-flip type of event? Do the above and below merge? Do the above and below stay separate whilst achieving some kind of equilibrium?

    I have no answers.

    What I do know is that there appears to be an ongoing struggle with the above and below trying to eliminate its opposite. No one wants to be made obsolete, or, extinct, si tu préfères.

    Irrespective of caste, everyone wars against all of these various constructs like crime and war and famine and pestilence and death, but it’s painfully obvious that no one seems any thought to what would actually happen when the goal is actually achieved. You just worked yourself out of a job. You now have no purpose. No meaning. This is your fate. Sitting idle, worthless and heartbroken in the middle of paradise.

    Q: I wonder what one’s “intuition” might say at this point, and I further have to wonder how valid one’s intuition might be.

    Most of these thoughts spring from the repetitive theme that Molly McCord has been driving home over the past several months regarding ditching those old ideas, and getting rid of what no longer serves you. ‘Tis a tough thing to do. Even moreso if one looks around their own life and doesn’t find anything that they don’t need. Makes one question themselves as to “what am I missing”?

    There’s a damn dangerous loop nested in there.

    ^Deadmau5 – Alone With You (1080p) || HD^

    It is better to have something and not need it, than need something and not have it.


    It is better to need something and not have it, than have something and not need it.

    What drives us to obtain the things we need,
    What drives us to keep the things we have.
    What drives one to tell others what to do/not do.

    I do know that in my own life, had I not thrown off a lot of my old perceptions and understanding about existence? I would likely never have found some of the stuff I have found as a result of me attempting to “see how to see” and “learn how to learn” on my own steam.

    As to what I’ve actually done alone? Outside of copious amounts of jerking off, prolly not much. Seems like everything I’ve learned “alone” requires a something else, even if that something else is “nothing”,

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