The Great Reset: How To Mend A City

*Hey, Clicky. You’re chipper today. Wot’s up?*

*Whoa, an’ the effects of today’s new moon goes through to 2023?*

*Interesting… /makes note…*

*It does appear Covid has caused the governing class to lose its collective mind, Clicky…*

*Not exactly wot I would call comforting…*

*Enough chit-chat… /lights up and smokes… I’ve gotta start this post…*

Welcome, Dear Reader 😀

I read an article this morning from the Slogmeister on ‘The Great Reset’, the plan that has been devised by the rich and powerful for the reordering of society…

*It’s a very ‘Green’ proposal, Clicky… /flicks ash…*

… And the word, ‘mendacity’, popped into my head…

mendacity (n.)

“tendency or disposition to lie, habitual lying,” also “a falsehood, a lie,” 1640s, from French mendacité and directly from Late Latin mendacitas “falsehood, mendacity,” from Latin mendax “lying; a liar” (see mendacious).

… Then, syncilly enough, I saw mention on my Twitter feed of the Mayor of London’s efforts to cleanse our fair capital of any links to ‘White Supremacy’…

*’E finks… /drags… ‘e’s gotta mend… /plumes smoke… a city…*

*They wouldn’t! …/coughs… Supremacists telling white lies to enact the Great Reset?*

*Oh, I see wot you mean…*

*Well, the involvement of coke-heads would explain a fuckin’ lot, Clicky… /stubs butt…*

*Heh. Go get a Song for us to finish on…*

… Unfortunately, we live in mendacious times, Dear Reader. My advice to you is… Have a Song 😉

*When you wanna Khan… /sings…*

6 thoughts on “The Great Reset: How To Mend A City

    1. I think we’re dealing with a prevailing ethos of ‘Fake It ‘Til You Make It’, Elena.I saw an episode of Martha Stewart’s Apprentice show once, a spin-off of Donald Trump’s Apprentice, where she fired one of the contestants, a really quite obnoxious woman, who used it as a defense of her team’s poor performance in a particular task…

      *I forgot she was a TV anchor, Clicky. Interesting… /thinks…*

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