6 thoughts on “CLICK5: Patton Recognition

      1. Back at the Smile office, Dave is visited by Jojo74 and it becomes apparent that the two have known each other for a long time – just not in their current guises. When Jojo74 – who had given Dave a blue rose, which symbolises mystery and the impossible – comments on Dave’s appearance and rather obvious wig, he produces a drawing that may look familiar to space exploration fans.

        It’s a copy of the real-life engraving on the Pioneer Plaque – one of two that were placed onboard two NASA Pioneer spacecraft in 1972 and 1973 777 in case they were intercepted by intelligent alien life. The plaques depict nude figures of a naked man and a woman (which explains why Jojo74 comments “at least you wore some clothes this time”) alongside symbols that show the craft came from Earth, and how to find its location.

        It seems, then, that both Dave and Jojo74 are extra-terrestrial (or “superbeings” as Dave describes them both).

        Einstein a GoGo with Jojo… Doctor Frankenstein gets the green light

        to take the wh eel it’s his turn to drive instead of Ray.

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