CLICK5: A Bridge To Fnarr…

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    1. limb (n.2)

      ‘late 14c., “edge of a quadrant or other instrument,” from Latin limbus “ornamental border, hem, fringe, edge,” a word of uncertain origin. Klein suggests it is cognate with Sanskrit lambate “hang down limply” and English limp (adj.). Tucker writes that “the sense appears to be that of something which twists, goes round, or binds … not of something which hangs loose,” and suggests cognates in Lithuanian linta “ribbon,” Old Norse linnr “whether.” De Vaan tends to agree with Klein and writes, “In view of the phoneme *b, the very specific meaning of limbus and its absence from the oldest literature, the etymology remains uncertain.” Astronomical sense of “edge of the disk of a heavenly body” first attested 1670s. Related: Limbal.’

      The following clip was published yesterday. At 2:21 the viewer to told the location of the yellow light…

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      1. Lots of wheels.

        Free Arm –
        Swingarm –
        Vikoseq –
        Rocker Arm –
        Sun Is Over The Yardarm –
        List Of Moments Of Inertia –
        Meander –
        Self Aligning Torque –
        Differential (Mechanical Device) –
        LHC Dark Matter Working Group: Next-generation spin-0 dark matter models –

        That article you found about cells creating pathways was damn interesting. Just wondering if these processes could facilitate a mechanism or mechanisms for getting things into the body. An unintended consequence.

        ^Saxon – Wheels of Steel (2009 Remastered Version)^

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