Missive From ‘Merica: Welcome to Fitty Free…

Today is Cade F. Apollyon’s birthday, Dear Reader…

*Don’t worry about it, Clicky. You’re included in our birthday gift to Cade…  /lights up and smokes… Chill…*

*Go find him sumfin he’ll appre-*

*-ciate. Whoa, that was fast!*

… Yes, the Okie Text US Devil has finally arrived at 53, and he’s sent us a missive. So settle back and enjoy! 😀


Hey Guys!

Hay Guise!

Hey Guys!

Hague Eyes!

Hey Guys!

Hey Guise!

^The Smiths – The Smiths – The Headmaster Ritual^

You ever get that strange feeling that something is…not right? Something is askew. Amiss. Not necessarily anything particularly nefarious, just…missing. Whatever it is isn’t there, so you can’t actually see what is missing, in order to know what is missing. There’s just a hole or void. You begin to rack your brain as to what that big empty space is. Where’d that nothing come from? What did that nothing replace? Yeah, there’s something there now, but it is nothing, so what was there previously?

I’ve been (somewhat actively) on Twitter for coming up on four years now. I don’t follow a whole lotta people, and even less people follow me. I don’t look for people to follow, I don’t follow famous people*, which means that virtually everyone I follow, I kinda know. Or at least, I have a pretty good idea as to why that person/account caught my eye….I know why I followed that person/account…and yeah I don’t really know them. I likely read their tweets, I like to acknowledge tweets sometime just to let that someone know that someone out there actually saw and read their tweet, I tend to notice when a someone hasn’t tweeted in a while, I notice when someone stops tweeting entirely, and I tend to notice when someone follows me or unfollows me.

Blocks? Not so much as they tend to by accounts you don’t follow and/or don’t who don’t follow you. Shadow-bans? Again kinda tricky to notice since they aren’t actually blocking you. Mutes? Again not so much since (ironically) people on Twitter tend not to engage others in discussion or debate, or are weird about how they acknowledge you. But when someone deletes their account? Yeah, you gotta dig a bit to find this out this is why an account has disappeared, but you do notice (if you are paying attention anyway).

So when you find out that some interesting someone has vanished from your Twitter feed, you look and see that they are no longer following you, and worse, you are mysteriously no longer following them?


Or they’ve shadow-banned me. What in the hell did I say that offended them?! Then you do some digging, find out that…”oh, they’ve deleted their account, fuck”, then you notice that they appear to have been more or less the center of some kind of conversational tempest with a few people just prior to deleting their account.


*I tend only to follow accounts that 1) catch my eye because of some interesting tweet they’ve made which somehow winds up on my feed (usually artsy-fartsy types), 2) is a topical something on a subject that interests me, or 3) is just some random something in the moment which has no rational explanation. All that to say, I don’t really seek out accounts to follow, and certainly not personal accounts. This whole “following” thing still kinda gives me the creeps. Makes me feel like someone is following me. Or worse, I’m following someone.


^Failure Band – Golden^

In ye olden days, e-nerds would have called this “a rage quit” or maybe said “they got flamed” or “they were owned/pwned/quiz0wned”. Someone gets so angry or frustrated that they bail on a forum discussion or chat conversation or bail on an online game or whatever e-activity they were involved in. Maybe even abandon a community entirely, delete their account, vanish forever. Or at least, vanish under that particular identity. There are even people out there who intentionally stir up shit for this very reason. They want to encourage others into a rage quit.

Wikipedia: Rage Quit
Flaming (Internet)
Trash-Talk – Smack Talk
Internet Troll
Internet Celebrity (Redirected from Influencer)
Etiquette In Technology

Really don’t know what happened in this particular case. Just know that a Twitter account is gone, there are signs that there may have been a kerfuffle of some kind which led to this account being deleted, and it sucks that they are gone. All that said, letting go is sometimes the right thing to do. The Twitter world is a bit more dim now, but they appear to be looking out for themselves, and that’s a good thing.

Cya around maybe

^love and rockets – an american dream^

Etiquette is whatever we make it. Standards are whatever we make them.

We also choose whether or not to adhere.

Whether or not to pursue those who do not adhere.

^Pale Saints – Sight of You (Official Video)^

I’d hope that people “follow me” on social media because they have some kind of interest in me. Not just and only because of some group that I belong to, or because of some social construct that I claim to support, or because my interactions appear to tow a particular line, etc..

Prolly just a pipe dream.

A wet one of course.



^Pixies – Velouria (Official Video)^



Ravoo A: Myself and a certain someone watched a flick yesterday called “LA Story”.

L.A. Story

When the movie was over, best I could sum it up was “that movie was WAY ahead of its time”. Now that I’ve had a bit to think about it, it occurs to me that the movie was ahead of its time mainly because it used bits from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Now, I gotta clarify here that “ahead of its time” because LA Story reintroduces the concept of mysticism. Somewhere along the way, “mysticism” appears to have been replaced with “supernatural”, and now everything mystical has to be accompanied by fact, otherwise its just myth of the completely fake and totally unsubstantiated variety. Anything without proof or some concrete and shareable/relatable something is almost certainly false. Hordes of people all over the globe are chasing all this weird shit that is happening, but none of it is real. ‘Tis an unusual concept to ponder…all mystical experiences must be a unified thing, otherwise, they don’t exist. I guess some people don’t like to feel they are being left out. And hey, I can relate. All these fuckers are seeing gods and aliens and ghosts and cryptids, and I personally ain’t seen shit.

Makes a fella skeptical

Ravoo B: Today watched a something called “The Game”.

The Game (1997 Film)

Pretty sure I’ve finally figured out why I tend to hate much of 1980’s and 1990’s cinema. Everyone is fragile, and these fragile people are ALWAYS on the cusp of violence. Anything will set them off, and I do many anything. The slightest of hiccups will fracture that calm, cool, collected and highly polished veneer. To make matters worse, violence is the only answer. The only solution. No one, and I mean NO ONE, sucks it up and takes it on the chin. Very eye for an eye…’cept it’s usually more like “please me, or else”.

Something else that I notice about 80’s/90’s cinema? It follows a very similar model to music of the same time…the quiet/loud/quiet or loud/quiet/loud. Everything, is peaks and valleys. Nothing but peaks and valleys. Rises and falls are almost irrelevant. The point of getting on the ride, is to get to the end. The first part of the 1st act is important, the end of the 3rd act is important, but everything in between is just space for timed silence and noises that validate the premise and conclusion.

^Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven (Official Video)^

Rage is more likely to be the fat end of the wedge.

Fury is more likely to be the thin end.

Either way, you’re still swinging an axe.

Or a maul.

Or a hammer if you are old school.

^Cocteau Twins – Cherry-Coloured Funk (Live at Black Sessions).^

I’ve been abducted by aliens twice.

First time, some aliens grabbed me and took me to their home planet.

Second time, the aliens that abducted me the first time, paid some other aliens to abduct me from their planet, and bring me back to Earth.

^U.S. Girls – Overtime (Alex Frankel Remix)^

Monty died.


Seeya around girl.

^Missing Persons – Noticeable One^

It would appear that some are sometimes confused when I write about the contents of a video, then post the video in question, without always specifically stating that “this block of text references the video below”. It is with this in mind that I wish to pose a question…

Q: How were Antarctic Nazis poisoned by polar bear meat?

A: ???

I once read in a USAF survival manual to never to eat polar bear liver because it will kill you due to the ridiculous amount of iron stored in a polar bear’s liver, but there are no polar bears in Antarctica. Yes, I realize they prolly brought the meat with them, but what a fucking logistical nightmare, eh? Travel way the fuck north, kill a bunch of polar bears for their meat, haul it down way the fuck south.

And die for your trouble

^5 Creepy Deep Sea Anomalies That Can’t Be Explained^

You are looking for external things. You are looking at external things.

Fair enough

Might…maybe…wanna give some thought as to how these external things line up with things internal to you.

Lets, as a hypothetical, suppose that you are searching for the Holy Grail.

Q: How does the Holy Grail align itself to your inward wants/needs?

A: ?╗¿╚?

Not only that, but what does this particular alignment do with/to/for the rest of your internal goodies, and how do they now line up with external things. If the focusing of one set of mirrors, fucks up the alignment/clarity of the rest of your mirrors, your path may become unclear. Or maybe even so fucking clear that you can’t see it.

Hubble’s Mirror Flaw

Its a tough question to ask oneself for sure. We are multidimensional beings who require all kinds of diverse and far-ranging things in order to survive.




Sounds simple enough, eh? Welp, hold on to your hats cowgirls and cowboys…it’s not always quite so simple.

Dietary Fiber (redirected from Roughage)
Atmosphere Of Earth (Redirected from Air)
Air (Classical Element)
Interpersonal Relationship

It only gets more complex from there, but you get the point.

^Throwing Muses – Bright Yellow Gun (Official Video)^

James Randi died the other day


^U.S. Girls – And Yet It Moves / Y Se Mueve (Official Video)^

Watched a talk of his once where he opened the talk by taking an entire bottle of homepathic medicine in order to demonstrate what a bunch of bunk homeopathic medicines are. It was at that very moment, that something dawned on me regarding astrology, power, potency, and…dosing.

Q: Why would God, or a god, or some powerful ethereal being not wanna hang with mortals.

A: King Kong & toxicity

Now, for those who are familiar with any of the King Kong flicks, you will know that King Kong actually had a capacity for being somewhat gentle in the handling of humans when he wanted to. But when those rage vibes were flowing, not so much. But what I really got to thinking about was how some tiny and seemingly inconsequential something could possibly have a profound affect on one’s own life. This made me think of how in the Bible that its typically not a good idea to be in God’s presence because they appear to sometimes have some difficulty dialing their shit back. Made me wonder how a something could be put into place where powerful stuff wasn’t so overwhelming and potentially destructive.

Like say...lead

Or maybe even gold or iron, or kevlar. Maybe even a bunch of swirling tumbling crap that serves to somewhat negate or offset more direct hits by energy or matter upon another energy or matter. What does any of this have to do with tiny somethings creating massive change(s), or massive and powerful things figuring out how to be more gentle with less powerful things? I dunno. Maybe you can assign yourself some homework and think of some things on your own. You don’t want me to do all of your thinking for ya, do ya?

^Belly – Gepetto (Official Video)^

“The first thought is usually the correct one.”

Q: If this is so, will one who tends to be wrong all the time become conditioned to be dismissive of any “first thoughts”?

A: //?\\

I’ve read that either truth or conditioning usually lead to “the first thought” one may have. Makes me wonder as to how conditioning can, itself, be conditioned. How truth can be conditioned. Better thoughts. Best thoughts. Still, I must question myself as to how I wound up in a situation where all of my first thoughts, are the wrong ones. Are always wrong. No first thought is ever satisfactory. Perhaps I’m relying too much upon others to dictate to me the right and wrong of things?


^one perfect sunrise – orbital^

You know more about “there”…than you know about, “here”. How is this possible?

How did there, become so knowable from here.

Why is here so unknowable.

Surrounded, here, by almost infinite things to know, and yet, you know little to nothing of here.

You focus not on here.

You spend your time here, dreaming of there.

Hrm...something is amiss

^Philip T.B.C. feat. C.Monts – Back To The Batcave (Topspin Remix)^


^Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday^


*No, pretty sure Monty was a pet snake, Clicky… /stubs butt…*

Very many happy returns to Cade ❤

Dear Reader, have a Song…



15 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Welcome to Fitty Free…

  1. Cade

    Happy Birthday for the other day.

    As a matter of interest was this about you or simply just random from the mind bank ?.

    ‘I’ve been abducted by aliens twice.

    First time, some aliens grabbed me and took me to their home planet.

    Second time, the aliens that abducted me the first time, paid some other aliens to abduct me from their planet, and bring me back to Earth.’

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was just wondering. I know a couple of people who say they have have had unpleasant alien experiences and neither of them are the type of people who would make it up. Not alien abduction but nocturnal visits.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. We all of us likely all deal with things differently/potentially have different coping mechanisms. Especially if one is alone, kinda cutoff or outcast and has to improvise/develop their own.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. That’s one way to go about it I suppose. Quite a chain of events transpired to land the character in the seat of an F-15 so they could exact their revenge.

              Interesting choice too considering that he seems to be a source of many of the current…erm…theories.
              Maybe SAG and FSB are working in tandem? /shrug

              ^Paul Clip: First Encounter^

              Many first encounters to be had. Some are even kinda nested.

              ^The Friendly Ghost 1945 First casper cartoon^

              Some are downright bizarre.

              ^The Secrets of Isis – Season 1 Episode 7 – Bigfoot^

              Searched for some first encounters with snow, and the first animal encounter in the search results (13th result overall) involves a dog named…Dulce? What are the odds.

              ^Dog from Puerto Rico sees snow for the first time.^

              Liked by 1 person

  2. Dulce! That seems to be how this stuff works. Does it have meaning or purely random ?

    The Quaid Conspiracy 😊.

    Randy Quaid and the Hollywood Star Whackers was definitely an interesting weird story.

    I’m interested in alien abduction with regards to memory in general. I believe my friends experienced what they say but difficult to prove any memory is real.


    1. Dulce = “sweet” (en español)

      I seem to recall an X-Files episode where they go to Dulce and find a boxcar in the middle of nowhere and a hole in the ground. Pretty sure Dulce has been used a lot in comics and other tv shows and such.

      Certain “plants” (like Dulce) would be a great way for tracking metrics of how information travels. Also for evaluating how information is processed, by whom, when/where/why, to what end(s), etc.. For some groups, I’d think it’d be a great way to plug holes when information appears to be leaking in unexpected ways.

      Prolly also provide some good data as to who is watching what. (nielsen ratings type stuff)

      Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_rabbit_rabbit

      As to which rabbit hole goes which way and why? /shrug
      I only work here. 😉

      ^Rabbit Rabbit Radio – Inside/Outside^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dulce fits with my memories. Which caught my eye when I saw you mention Dulce. Tell me about your strange childhood applies to many.

        I remember being in some type of Underground tunnel which had military vehicles in them. And in an adjoining building I was put through some of scanner in a medical room. One of the things about the memories is I can’t remember any faces. I was probably about 10 years old.

        I couldn’t say what country it was. But all I have is the memory. Is it some weird mind ‘fantasy’ or reality ?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It can be tough I’d imagine. Can relate because I was told that I dreamed virtually everything that happened in my own childhood. Extra strange to be told you are dreaming things right in the big middle of things/as they are happening..

          Anyway, there’s all kinds of people out there who have methods of digging in your noggin if you wanna peruse your own shiz further. I think a lot of the UFO folks like the hypnotic regression method. As to what is real/unreal or what works/doesn’t work? No idea. I myself have never had any of that stuff done, and have no plans to.

          ^Aldo Nova – Fantasy (Official Video)^

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s a mind field.

            I have contemplated going down regressive hypnosis route but whatever may come up doesn’t prove anything one way or another.

            But there are plenty of other connections which seem to indicate there is a reality to it. Deep State.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Maybe if nothing else, it can bring some relief? /shrug

              In 2012 when I decided to go all in, and started to do some serious soul-searching, I intentionally tried to access anything and everything in the memory banks. Trouble was, when turned my steamer-trunk of memories upside down to dump all my stuff out, a bunch of shit fell out that I forgot was even there. Was quite jarring, and a situation that was already completely nuts, went totally insane. To make matters worse, and even more jarring, was remembering just how hard I had worked to forget all that shit in the first place. Basically, I remembered a bunch of stuff I had forgotten, and simultaneously remembered that I had also forgotten that I tried to forget it all.

              At the time, my heart sank. Had a “oh fuck, what have I done?!?” kind of moment as I was not expecting any of this stuff even slightly. Things got even more scary when I started to remember that there was a lot more in there. I was only trying to save my marriage, and also save my own life as I was quite ill at the time. Now I’ve got a fuckton of stuff that I have no clue what to do with, and none of it seems to be of immediate application.

              Point being, I was quite cavalier initially because of my situation, but not prepared even slightly for what actually came. If you walk a similar path, I’d like to say “prepare yourself for some potential surprises”, but there’s prolly no preparing for something like that. Plus, and in retrospect, I was kinda glad to have remembered some of the stuff that I had forgotten. Took me a long fucking time to get to that point tho, and still wrestling with the stuff to this day. I walk in almost a perpetual “now what?” kind of state. I kinda did get some of my health back eventually, marriage ended tho, pretty much lost everything, and things only continued to get worse from there as I continued to try and dig myself out.

              Gotta say tho that when all that shit originally happened, a Bible verse came to my rescue/offered a ray of light…

              I am the Lord All-Powerful, and I challenge you to put me to the test. Bring the entire ten percent into the storehouse, so there will be food in my house. Then I will open the windows of heaven and flood you with blessing after blessing
              Malachi 3:9 (CEV)

              What it all means? Not a clue. Still at it. /shrug

              Results prolly vary from person to person. Similar, not same.

              Good luck.

              ^AURORA – Running With The Wolves^

              Liked by 1 person

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