CLICK5: The New Religion

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  1. The video about initiation ritual is one of the best lately.
    This is a bit off-topic but it has emerged and caught my attention. It feels like something in the Mandela effect category. World’s Fairs and Exhibitions. Something funny going on.

    I was at the Chattanooga Choo Choo the other day. It has one of those beaux art domes. It’s a beautiful building.

    When I walked out I noticed the bellboy had a copy of The Shining at this post.

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    1. Thanks, MJ. Nice to see you 😀

      I think the lady in the vid is severely underestimating the Victorian era, and the mettle of the Victorian generations. It was the Industrial Revolution and the great engine of that was fueled by trade. America was opening it to itself and to the rest of the world. That said, it was great to see how many there were. Our ancestors, even relatively recent ones, knew a thing or two about building things 😉

      Cade and I remote viewed the following news report of the current Texas State Fair. I could fucking weep at what seven months of the plandemic scamdemic has brought us to…


      1. Yes, the woman narrating the video is suspicious of EVERYTHING, I agree. There’s just somethin funny going on. If you visit the parthenon in Nashville, which is weird anyway because why? Why a parthenon in the middle of Tennessee with a ginormous statue of Athena? On the ground floor, you’ll see pics from the world’s fair in 1897 with the Memphis pyramid was right beside it. Now the pyramid is in Memphis.

        And so many of the structures were destroyed by fire. It almost seems like a glitch. When the Crystal Palace burned down in 1936, “100,000 people came to Sydenham Hill to watch the blaze, among them Winston Churchill, who said, “This is the end of an age”.”
        Did he mean, literally?

        The Garden Palace in Sydney built for the International Fair was guess what? Destroyed by fire.

        It was constructed primarily from timber, which ensured its complete destruction when engulfed by fire in the early morning of 22 September 1882. The Garden Palace at that time was used by a number of Government Departments and many significant records were destroyed in the fire, notably records of squatting occupation in New South Wales. Most importantly, however, 500-1000 pieces of Sydney Aboriginal artefacts were also lost in this fire.

        The New York Crystal Palace itself was destroyed by fire on October 5, 1858. When it burned, the American Institute Fair was being held there. The fire began in a lumber room on the side adjacent to 42nd Street. Within fifteen minutes its dome fell and in twenty-five minutes the entire structure had burned to the ground.

        And yes, I agree they were knowing how to build things better than they do today! Sometimes I just feel like we are living in a dream.

        These things destroyed by fire are symbolically destroyed by the Sun. But the sun is the fire or sacred blood that courses through our veins. The dancing Shiva is nuclear. And this year, 2020, is a nuclear impact, and timelines are shifting. The Shining is Sirius.

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        1. True Religion believes that Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. But rather, it’s a tapestry of events that culminate when two stars collide as part of an exquisite, sublime plan. If we are to live life in harmony with the universe, we must all possess a powerful faith in what the ancients used to call “fatum”, what we currently refer to as destiny.”

          Otherwise known as Serendipity

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        2. I don’t think fire safety had the same importance then as it does now in constructing a building. I’ll have to do some research on it MJ, but the first professional fire fighting force in the US only came into existence in 1853 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The fire-fighting equipment and dedicated personnel available now just didn’t exist then. Ditto fire protection measures incorporated into the building codes etc that are mandatory now.

          But there was a sync for me as I was looking some info up…

          ‘In 1853 the first practical, steam powered, fire engine was tested in Cincinnati (OH). It was created by Abel Shawk, Alexander Bonner Latta, and Miles Greenwood. The engine was then named Uncle Joe Ross after a city council member.’


        3. This is a tad off-tangent but a kind of interesting sync with a current news story:

          ‘In fact, the factory isn’t even big enough to serve as a smaller Gen 6 LCD “fab”. In a report published this week by the Verge, following an FOIA battle with the state of Wisconsin, shows that the factory isn’t really a factory at all – it’s essentially a warehouse that would be better suited for product demonstrations than commercial use.

          Product demonstrations like at a Trade Fair?

          Foxconn are Taiwanese:

          ‘In January 2019, Foxconn said it was reconsidering its initial plans to manufacture LCD screens at the Wisconsin plant, citing high labor costs in the United States.’

          I dunno, LCD screens and crystal panes sounds like a poetic connection 😉


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