CLICK5: Covid-1984’s Six Crimes

17 thoughts on “CLICK5: Covid-1984’s Six Crimes

    1. Hey JP, this is off-topic but I bumbled across this today. I haven’t watched it so it may be shit, but I had the urge to watch some MotoGP stuff today and this was one of the first things to come up.

      Thought I’d share. 🙂

      ^I Superbiker Clash of Nations | Full Movie | Flick Vault^

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      1. Thanks Cade – I appreciate the thought.

        I’ve been watching bike racing for more decades than I care to admit.

        The forerunner series was probably the Transatlantic Trophy races. The Americans would send a team over to the UK. The races would be held at several different tracks in the UK over a span of just a few days. For most Brits, it was the first we’d seen of American talent, and our riders knew our local circuits like the back of their hand. The Yanks had maybe a day to learn them. No wonder Brits won most of the early races.

        They were real crowd-pullers.—whatever-happened-to-transatlantic-racing/

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      2. Well watching that brought back memories, Cade. 😀

        I was a spectator at the first two of the three rounds held at Brands Hatch. For the July races, I was in the grandstand opposite the Start/Finish line – at 9min 07seconds in the vid:

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        1. HA! That’s awesome.

          And speaking of histories of stuff, I stumbled onto another video but this one goes more into the history of the Isle of Man TT. Haven’t watched it all yet, but I skipped through it and it looks like they did some research at least, and loads of pretty interesting photos.

          ^Isle of Man TT: Gladiators, Glory and Grief^

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          1. The previous year I was at Brands, same vantage point, and this happened.

            Imagine being a 3x British Superbike champion, 2nd on the grid, the flag drops, …. and you stall:

            Gawd knows how those lower down the grid avoided Kiyo

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              1. For some reason the video didn’t load. Maybe second time lucky.

                If that doesn’t load, it’s on Y/Tube “Onboard with Ryuichi Kiyonari for Brands Hatch race one”


                  1. I’m sitting here watching this video and wondering to myself…

                    Q: Dude, how many times have you run that exact same circuit whilst playing Gran Turismo?
                    A: A fucking bunch.


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