CLICK5: Musical RIPs

4 thoughts on “CLICK5: Musical RIPs

  1. “Then landed foul on the grass”
    I assume this is in reference to a certain 1947 Beechcraft 35 V-Tail Bonanza crashing into an Iowa field, even tho the plane was unlikely to have reached an altitude of 8 miles to fall from. That plane did carry a lot of stars tho. Three to be exact. Maybe that’s what Don meant? Stars have further to fall irrespective of distance actually traveled?
    8 miles = 42.240 feet
    Mere roaring?

    Marshall Crenshaw plays Buddy Holly in the film La Bamba.
    Marshall Mathers plays “B-Rabbit” in the film 8 Mile. (and also played Max Headroom at some point I think)
    The Marshall Islands contains a land formation known as Bikini Island which is famous more for it’s big boomies than for the refugees created as a result.
    Read something last night about a centrifuge accident in Iran.
    We got some beautiful skies last night after the storms passed tho.


    It occurred to me that “landed foul on the grass” could potentially have a completely different meaning in your country. Like, topping an informant?

    Q: Is “V” part of a triangle?
    A: More than that, is “V” a component of the “A” character?

    Requiring some added/removed components and/or dimensional shifts of course.

    All kinds of angles I guess.

    Depending on who is looking and why.

    ^”CYNICAL GIRL” – Marshall Crenshaw^

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