CLICK5: Hotel, Hostage, Hostile… *ghos-ti-

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    1. Have computer problems, so this reply took a bit longer to compose than I would have liked.

      Wind Turbine
      Western New Guinea
      West Papua (Province)

      Just thinking that maybe some things are more burned in than others.

      ^Skinny Puppy – Jahya / Death^

      That image of yours is a pretty good representation for burn-in, residual(s), with respect to vision, and also maybe a representation of that bit William James proposed regarding “the present” and/or “now” being an aggregate of about 12 to 60 seconds. With that in mind, I decided to take the gif apart, and here’s what I found…

      12 frames, each 15/100ths of a second, for a total length of 1.8 seconds.
      3 frames where the asterisk is black w/white background (45/100ths of a second)
      6 frames where the asterisk is various shades of cyan w/white background (90/100ths of a second)
      3 frames w/no asterisk w/white background (45/100ths of a second)
      The image is 300×300 pixels and weighs 56 kb.

      I thought it might be a good idea to do a little more digging on the colors to see what they are/see if there is any variation between those colors that appear not to change. Especially the black. Welp…I was right to check because the 3rd black frame does indeed change. Frames 1 and 2 are RGB (53,53,53), but frame 3 changes to RGB (49,49,49). These are jpgs tho. Could be any number of things that could lead to inconsistencies, so I went back and checked the colors again. Sure enough, I clicked around in various areas on each image, and the black ranges from RGB (53,53,53) to RGB (49,49,49) all over on all three images. Have no idea how I managed to get 53 on the first two and a 49 on the third other than dumb luck.

      To continue, and again since these are jpgs, lets us see what changing the background to black will reveal as far as residuals and variations.

      As I suspected, there is indeed some stuff going on in the background which is not readily apparent. There are indeed asterisks in two of the “blank” frames, and only one frame in the original gif is a solid color. Lots of little discrepancies here and there, so lets us think about photons hitting the retina at “C”, and also think about the brain/the body processing information.

      Each of the frames is 15/100ths of a second, or 150 milliseconds.

      Q: How far can light travel in a vacuum in 150ms?
      A: 27,942.4 miles / 44,968.9 kilometers

      What I am wondering aloud here, is where that photon really goes as it enters the body, and what information is processed and exchanged as it goes. Supposedly, if you took the blood vessels out of a human body and stretched the end to end, they’d wrap around Earth 2 times. Similarly, the DNA from a single cell in the human body is around 2 meters (6 feet) in length, and all the DNA from a single human stretched end to end would stretch to the Sun and back around 300 times. Giving those references since I’m thinking about why some particles need to travel at the speed(s) in which they do, and also on the scale(s) that they do.

      Supposedly, we have a lot of “junk” DNA within us. But kinda wondering maybe if that junk ain’t junk at all? Maybe they are receptors we don’t understand? Maybe even capacitors? Memory modules? Resistors? Resonators? All that? More? Maybe they are the lengths and shapes they are for a reason?

      Shoreline Effect
      Coastal Erosion
      Coastline Paradox
      Extremely High Frequency

      e row shunz – veck torez – bun chez – mill a meat tour wavez – free quin seizez – amp leh twodz

      ^Skinny Puppy – Shore Lined Poison – TDP Backing Video 11/14^

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        We discussed ‘risk’ a couple of times this weekend, Cade. Mostly in the form of companies farming the risk off by outsourcing a service or an operation…

        *Cade and I remote viewed those last night, Clicky… /lights up… a good example of outsourcing risk to keep hands clean…*

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        1. It could be argued that if there were no filtering processes at all, we’d have no fresh water.

          Not to mention that measures and standards as to “purity” are likely to change from region to region, time to time, person to person, blah to blah. 😛

          Some appear to be carrying some pretty heavy loads tho, all so someone else doesn’t have to. Some strange choice(s) as to location(s) tho. Especially when your choices are A) survive by digging through garbage, or B) survive by digging through garbage.

          ^Howard Jones – No One Is To Blame^

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