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  1. The Twittersphere is tying itself in knots over the slave trade.

    No mention that in West Africa it was black Africans who captured and sold black Africans to Europeans.

    No mention that the slave trade remains alive today in parts of North Africa.

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  2. A lot of concern for the body being displayed. (and also maybe none)
    Prolly could even say there are people displaying a lot of spirit. (again, also maybe none)
    But soul?
    It appears a lot of that is being flat out stolen.

    ^Who Stole The Soul?^

    Sorry, but I ain’t wearing your stupid-assed Black Lives Matter t-shirts no matter how many unsolicited text messages you send me on my phone. Adapting under duress? Assimilating because of fear? Putting on a uniform because I’m forced to? Compliance under threat of violence? Not only does this not set a very good precedent moving forward, I can’t get my head wrapped around the fact that you’re doing the same bullshit that one cop did to Geo Flo.

    Comply, or die.

    Adapt to my particular brand of world flow, as it exists in this moment, or else.

    If I agree to wear your uniform (which I won’t), and when this current shit dies down (which it will), and you lose your power (which you will), I’m now a gooey pile of dough for the next pack of assholes to come along form me into whatever they want. Strong-arm me into wearing their own dipshitty merch and swag. Wave their flag. Join, advertise and promote their cause until their raucous nonsense also dies.

    Sorry, but the idea of perhaps someday having to wear a White Lives Matter t-shirt down the road?
    Pretty fucking offensive idea to me.
    No thanks.

    The “X Lives Matter” cycle will loop, the whole mess become diluted and nothing means anything. I’ll forget who I was, I’ll forget who I became and why, I’ll forget who I am, my heart will die.
    Again, no thanks.

    ^WIlliam Elliott Whitmore – Who Stole the Soul^

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      1. Makes me think of Newton’s 2nd Law Clicky. But also fluid dynamics, non-Newtonian things, magnetism, radiation, temperature, bonds, the applicability in space/voids vs applicability in different gravitational environments…there’s a lot going on.

        Flo, flow, floe, flows and flowing.

        That said,yeah, Newton’s 2nd. In the example he used in the video, I wonder how much time he has allotted for the change in mass reaching the equilibrium he’s espousing.with respect to equality. He gives no timelines, only now is applicable, which is weird considering the example incorporate change(s). Not to mention that there will be a flip at some point if you keep adding mass. I’d also think some things cannot reach equilibrium. One will eventually incorporate the other, or perhaps they’ll even repel eachother. Just thinking out loud. Prolly not making sense. /shrug

        Newton’s 1st + Newton’s 2nd + Newton’s 3rd = 1 motion at equilibrium
        Other than that, it’s a bunch of mingling motions, mingling states, mingling mass, mingling matter, mingling energy,..a galactic hoedown. Bumping and grinding.

        Cool vid tho.

        ^Slow Ride^

        On a different note, that one guy in the last Adam Curtis’ The Living Dead video we watched last night? He sure was big on drinking the Kool-Aid analogy. Cept I think his was “drinking from the cup of power” or some such.

        Drinking from the cup that is gonna show you the way.

        Drinking from the way cup?

        More than that, drinking from the way cup…puts one to sleep?

        ^Wake Up^

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        1. With regard to the ‘kool-aid’ mention, Cade, this is an interesting thread on Twitter…

          Action, reaction, predicted turbulence…

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          1. Sounds like he’s telling people what to do. Lotta that going around tho.

            The pic of the submarine in the wikipedia article on turbulence made me think of Bipalium or hammerhead/arrowhead worms. How things move and how things sense, but also made me think of turbulence being able to increase/decrease lift, and also disturbed air can cause velocity to increase.

            Drafting (Aerodynamics)
            Drag (Physics)
            Could Methane Bubbles Sink Ships
            Methane Clathrate
            Downburst (Redirected from Microburst) –
            Wind Shear
            Delta Air Lines Flight 191
            Rogue Wave
            Life Cycle of a Thunderstorm
            How Does A Hurricane Form?

            Kinda depends on which way the wind is blowing and/or maybe what kinds of forces are acting upon a body at a particular point in time, maybe even why. Also, the response the body being acted upon has? Prolly important too.

            ^Which Way The Wind Blows^

            Wait…it just occurred to me that there is another stereotype regarding kool-aid and/or flavored drinks.
            That was not my intent, but me and my clueless ass walked right the fuck into that one anyway.
            Oh well…fuck it…since I’m here.

            ^Ice Cube – Drink The Kool-Aid^

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