CLICK5: Sumfin’ Musky


8 thoughts on “CLICK5: Sumfin’ Musky

    1. VU

      ^Rodent – Skinny Puppy^


      ^Scene of the Crime^

      Found that Clicky. It might help a bit with any approximations as to size/scale, but I guess maybe they’ve got only two external cameras and each attempt to cover around 180°+/- fov each. There appears to be 2 different views from too different cameras at to different times, so two separate events. Was that tutu many tooz?

      I dunno what’s up with the ambiguity. Maybe they figure what’s theirs is theirs, and they can do whatever in the hell they want with it. We’re allowed along for parts of the ride and should be greatful for what we get? /shrug

      ^devo – Space Junk (lyrics)^

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    1. Hi Shiny,

      I can’t see the image above, but if it’s the same as this one, I see a fan boy enthralled to be in the presence of his hero, at a conference about neutralizing superbugs…

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