CLICK5: Hope Springs Eternal

18 thoughts on “CLICK5: Hope Springs Eternal

  1. From the comments section of C#2…

    “Will the ARCHONS use 5G?”

    It takes 4 to make 5, and it took 4G LTE to make 5G.

    Funding makes the birds go up.

    C2 –
    C (Musical Note) (Redirected from Low C) –

    And speaking of things going up, Ascension.
    Ascension from here, is nothing more than a descent into somewhere else.
    I’m not suggesting that an initial descent is the only “true” way to ascend, but it does make some sense with respect to all this “sync/sink” business. Finding bottom is the only way some are able to find their feet. Cept those who have no feet. They may have to find bottom with their bottom or hands or head or something.

    ^”Lucky Lindy” Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra^

    In the comments section of the Lindbergh song…

    “Make “The Monarchy” Proud?”

    Makes me think about vacations that don’t quite turn out as we’d hoped. Leaving the known, for the unknown, and getting pissed about the result(s).

    The actual lyrics are “The kind of a son makes a mother feel proud.” Wait…isn’t a mother a monarchy?

    Every step is unknown until you take it.

    ^Danzig – Mother (original)^

    I bet the advertising and related industries are collectively shitting themselves. So many opportunities presenting themselves, and at the same time so many existing and more or less reliable themes are, currently, completely fucking worthless. Like in the big middle of your C#3.
    Get outside? Get outside to bird watch? In the middle of an epidemic/pandemic caused by flying things?
    Get fit?
    Ads for getting out and getting fit in the middle of a lockdown?

    Advertising firms have some big problems on their hands. I guess fear, sorrow, pity and guilt will have to do for now.
    Avian flu.
    Bird flew.
    Rap tore.
    Pin yon.
    Shah craw.
    Row dent. Rho dent?
    Air row.
    Khan trails.
    Out is Zen.
    Ennis out.
    Map ping.
    Odd lines with strange points, all based upon syllablistic and phoenetic musings as they pertain to synchrony and sequencing.
    And yes, I realize that “syllablistic” is not a word, but I’m currently sailing a ballistic C.

    Q: Would dequencing be the opposite of sequencing?
    A: Occurs to me that accommodations for the reverse would have to made in order to properly understand the forward nature(s) genome sequencing.

    Especially if one were digging for how memory is utilized by DNA or maybe even RNA, and perhaps how memories are stored there.
    Getting memories out is one thing. However, getting them in?

    ^Philip T.B.C. feat. C.Monts – Back To The Batcave (Topspin Remix)^

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    1. C2 Mastery or proficiency

      – Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read.
      – Can summarize information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation.
      – Can express themselves spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in the most complex situations.

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      1. Not that I could understand anything in the one video because CC was unavailable for a translation, but the music?
        (nice Bombay reference btw)

        Surely I can understand where that man is coming from without the addition of music. Holy hell…the dude’s son killed himself. That’s pretty fucking straightforward.

        I guess the addition of music means I also need to understand where the news organization is coming from, and they added the music in the event any of their other slants to the story were not picked up on by the dumbass viewer. Audible intensifier(s) to weave into an otherwise dull tapestry.

        You think that meaning resets when “extreme” becomes the norm? Or does normal become extreme from the vantage point of extreme. I prolly didn’t word that too well, but this is an interesting thought regarding the stabilization of a previous aspect change involving velocity.
        At a population of 7.53 billion people, there are 180,720,000,000 hours in a day.
        That’s (potentially) a shitload of trajectories to track, let alone project. Especially on a spinning, whirling, wobbling, swirling, yawing, and hurtling planet which is constantly bouncing between light(s) and dark(s)
        Gets even more complex when you think about the individual components each of us are made up of.
        It’s not “Goldilocks Zone”, it’s “Goldilocks Zones”…plural. Has to be. (ref: Lichens and hydrothermal vent microbial communities and/or “extremophiles”)
        Sorry…was having a thought about the series we’ve been watching, I was gonna connect all the above to that, but I lost the thought. 😦

        it is estimated that the there are between 10^78 to 10^82 atoms in the known, observable universe. In layman’s terms, that works out to between ten quadrillion vigintillion and one-hundred thousand quadrillion vigintillion atomsSource Google

        That’s all well and good, but…when? There’s a lurking paradox in this zero to everything kind of counting from the point of “The Big Bang” because of the implied entropy, especially with no specificity towards region nor time(s). Nevermind the Carbon Paradox. Just thinking about accretion in an entropic system where conservation of mass and energy are said to be constant. Sagan dances all around the creative processes but seems noncommittal as to every potentiality except chance. /shrug.

        Speaking of utilizing music to make a point, lemme throw this bad-boy into the “hypocrite gear” and we can blast well past C in this C Sea.

        ^BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA – Monsoon malabar^

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        1. OH! And another thing I forgot…

          Suicide In India –

          I’d bet the number of news stories each year in the Indian press dedicated to individual suicides is somewhat less than a quarter of a million-ish.

          Covid-19 lockdown: Kerala man commits suicide after liquor ban

          Anything with a hook tho? Now that’s newsworthy. 😐

          ^BSOD / This Is The Hook (Original Mix)^

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            1. Perhaps its best to quit a something when and if you are ready to quit, and keep doing this whatever it is if you don’t want to quit. I don’t see any business people going cold turkey on profit margins, nor politicians going cold turkey on voter turnouts nor advertising campaigns, so yeah. Getting rid of shit you want is tough.

              I can only speak from my own experience and say that I personally quit the pain meds because I wanted to. That said, I spent well over a year getting myself ready for the big and final jump. Lots of really bad times going as long as I could stand it without taking anything, and that could be anywhere from a week to almost a month. Getting my body reacclimated to dealing with constant chronic pain was an aspect that anyone not going through what I went through would have little comprehension of. And yes, the withdrawals were mostly quite bad, with some not being as bad as others. Terrifying to look for a long time at a protracted withdrawal that you know is coming, and Buprenophrene has a very long withdrawal period.

              That “testing the waters” bullshit went on for almost two years before I finally jumped, and when I jumped, I jumped because something inside me told me that I was ready. I don’t really celebrate that day, just try and be mindful of it.

              ^deadmau5 “Soma”^

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              1. I agree, Cade, but deadlines have been already set, decisions made and trumpeted…


                ‘Professionals’ are already advocating how to bend the effect of the virus’s appearance to realise their own ambitions…

                ‘This would also be a good time for cities, states private employers and even individual families to strengthen their smokefree laws and policies – including e-cigarettes — to protect nonsmokers from the effects of secondhand smoke and aerosol on their lungs and to create an environment that will help smokers quit.’


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    1. Leggy, I have a single signed by Captain Sensible…

      No, Clicky, his solo song. I met him in HMV on Oxford Street way back in the summer of ’82…*

      *Knot ‘arf! I looked damned cute 😉 Legwarmers were all the rage that year. I had several pairs…*

      */lights up and smokes…*

      *Yes, he was very pleasant in person, Clicky. I had no idea who he was, of course, but I bought a copy of his song anyway…*

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