4 thoughts on “CLICK5: Roll Up, Roll Up!

  1. Roob

    I’ve popped this up on Merovee as well.

    Bang on cue.

    Carnival (n.)

    1540s, “time of merrymaking before Lent,” from French carnaval, from Italian carnevale “Shrove Tuesday,” from older Italian forms such as Milanese *carnelevale, Old Pisan carnelevare “to remove meat,” literally “raising flesh,” from Latin caro “flesh” (originally “a piece of flesh,” from PIE root *sker- (1) “to cut”) + levare “lighten, raise, remove” (from PIE root *legwh- “not heavy, having little weight”).

    There you go. Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day is tomorrow. Or maybe pandemic day.


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  2. Coasters. Co-stirs?

    Lotta debate as to which is better…wooden or steel. I guess a lot would depend on your own home decor + how much you entertain and/or have guests. There’s also the hybrids to consider. Ceramic. Maybe even cloth. Marble or some other kind of stone? Plastic?

    Which, if you are running dehumidifiers in your house, is sweaty glassware really a problem?

    ^Roll It Up^

    Since I’m mixing my coasters, was thinking a bit today about the subset in the new set with respect to that “syzygy” concept. Always gonna be an oddball that doesn’t fit within the dynamic of the original set. The iterative above 1, that become 2, that is one set of two, won’t have the same dynamic when the 3rd is added. In the case of earthquakes, I guess you’ve got pre, during, and post, but I guess from a predictive standpoint I assume it depends on what actually happens, and when.

    Earthquake is predicted for Fallon, Nevada USA on April 34th of 2020. (otherwise known as May 4th 2020)
    Not only does the earthquake have to happen, it has to happen on May 4th, not to mention the epicenter has to be near Fallon NV. If nothing happens at all, there’s only the “pre”. There’s no during, and no after. Or at least, those two eventualities have been rewritten. I don’t want to even venture off into the nonsense about earthquake strength/intensity and damage estimates and other assorted unpleasantness(es).

    (dot dot (dot)) – sizza gee, sis a jee. tis a g

    Sorry, just pondering how to create inflation in two different times, at the same time. I mean, if you travel out of your own time, into a different time, you’re taking a lot away from and bringing a lot with you. Your own mass, prolly a few lungfuls of air, whatever you’ve eaten and drank in the past day or so, not to mention you are going to be taking away from this new environment/time you are in. Breathing their air, consuming various resources of theirs…there is an odd entropic spin going on there. Universe is expanding to rapidly? Will decrease in mass slow the inflation? Reverse it? Can you send some time-travelers into a time, get them to hang out for a while and consume some resources that otherwise would not have been consumed, and this missing mass slows things down? Maybe even speeds them up? Seems like if anything, certainly an aspect change locally that could cascade. Makes me wonder about reconciliation over time with respect to how Tachyons could possibly move backwards through time..Is it possible that something from then (forward) finds its way to now (backward) because matter from then somehow wound up in now? Messy I know. I’ll chew on that more before rambling more on the topic.

    I guess the Tardis got completely abandoned today? What the hell was that all about?

    ^Orion Kings Island First Test Run^

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    1. I know. I hate it when the writers ignore the Tardis 😦 They’re so gung ho on having the first female Doctor that they’re completely bypassing the strong female element that existing from before – the Tardis and companion.

      There still some interesting ideas in the series but the lack of Tardis action/interaction is mucho disappoint.

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