8 thoughts on “CLICK5: Keep It Simple, Stupid

  1. A related name appears in the tweet where the dude is talking to a tree, so I’ll just leave this here.

    ^Grimes – We Appreciate Power (Lyric Video)^

    Ya think that’ll be spun as “talking to a tree and talking to Boris Johnson are somewhat equivalent”?

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    1. No, but David Cameron is considered a ‘plank’ by some for initiating the referendum in the first place 😉


      1. Wons, t’ooze, trees, and foes.

        I am encountering the issue that Joe and others have had where I cannot like something.


        Its almost as if the like functionality is disabled within the comment you are attempting to like. Similarly, I also notice that I am unable to click on the notification(s) bell in the top right hand corner of the page within the WordPress task bar.

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          1. Have you gone into your WordPress site settings and checked to make sure that “Comment Likes” is on for all posts? Granted this seems to be a somewhat random issue, but you might check there and see if WordPress has arbitrarily made any changes to the “likes” settings or updated the functionality. A help page that I found said that likes cannot be enable/disabled for specific posts. However, they may have changed the functionality, as I went into the settings on my WP blog and saw nothing about likes nor comment likes at all. Fair to mention tho that I am not a “PRO” user/I don’t have a paid WP account.

            There was mention of going to the “sharing buttons page”, and it’s actually under the “Marketing and Integrations”. So go to “Marketing”->”Sharing Buttons”, and you’ll find “Reblog & Like” towards the bottom on the right. There you’ll see the “show reblog button” and “show like button” checkboxes. They are likely already checked for you, but maybe leave them checked, then click the “Save Changes” button, and maybe that will refresh the options. Worth a try anyway.

            Pretty old, but did find this.

            As far as likes on a specific post, JetPack may be an issue, and it appears that you CAN choose disable likes on specific posts via JetPack. (assuming you are using JetPack or any other plugins)

            Again, I’m not a WP PRO user, so I can’t use plugins nor troubleshoot them for you. 😦

            Did quite a bit of digging, and there just ain’t much about likes on comments being a problem. In fact, there’s not much about likes on WordPress comments at all.

            It could be something with your theme maybe. That’s the only other thing I can think of. Something in your theme is causing some random issue.

            ^Alvvays – Adult Diversion (Official Video)^


            1. Okay, I’ve resaved my comment settings. In the forum chat, someone mentions there being an issue between WordPress and Gravtar. That could be it.


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