CLICK5: Snakes and Ladders

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2 thoughts on “CLICK5: Snakes and Ladders

  1. The image you used on your tweet has me to thinking about something that Lily Kolosova said on her livestream on Friday. She mentioned something in passing to the effect that “America is The New Jerusalem”, then qualified the statement with something like “because America is the melting pot with peoples from all nations” or something to that effect. Got me to immediately thinking about threads, but more than that, the ends of threads, and how one untangles a knotted mess. (basically anyway) And not thinking disparagingly there either.

    Wound up at Isaiah 24:19 this morning, but primarily because of that sinkhole image I shared over at Merovee, and wound up reading all of Isaiah 24.

    Isaiah 24 –

    Got me to thinking about putting things asunder, and putting the same things back together. Cyclicals. Got me to thinking about DNA, and gaps.

    Proverbs 15:11 –

    The above verse came from reading a bit this morning about deities and demons.

    Dictionary of Deities and Demons In The Bible –

    If you’ve ever smelled pumpkin, it’s one of those smells that you tend to never forget. Very unique. Not necessarily unpleasant, just…unique. Gourds. Squash. Maybe it’s just the time of year, but pumpkin wafts here and there, and you cannot miss it nor mistake the smell. Oddly enough, the squash and sinkholes and gaps got me to earthquakes, but primarily the vacating of one thing in an environment where gaps are left. The something that is removed, is replace with…nothing. Nothing is still a something, but what was and is has been redistributed elsewhere. Say for example, oil deposits, gas deposits, aquifers, etc.

    The center of the planet, one would think, spins slower towards the center, and the outer layers have to spin faster to “catch up”. There’s an ongoing battle in the automotive industry regarding the production of horsepower vs the production of torque. I would imagine this also happens in other mechanized industries as well, but cannot get this image out of my head as to how this translates with respect to the “planetary gears” of the planet itself. Slippage, friction, redistribution of weight/weight transfer, shearing, inertia, accumulation of mass, density and densities; all kinds of dynamics happening in the great big middle of social and economic shifts that seem to keep trying to point away from combustion, and more towards redistribution of electrons.

    Q: Is it possible to :”orphan” atomic particles?
    A: More than that, is it possible to make atoms…stingy?

    Unwilling or perhaps even unable to share? Equally horrifying would be atoms achieving a state where they were unable to NOT share. The removal of resistance entirely.

    One of those is static and incapable of change/movement.
    One of those is fluid and capable only of change/movement.

    Mineral Rights –

    Just thinking in planetary terms as to what forces set things apart and why, and the forces that now seem to be working to bring these things back together. Dissimilar materials, or even similar materials that were previously split, but are now coming back together because there are gaps being created which allow this to happen.

    ^Soft Cell vs. Depeche Mode – Tainted Jesus (lobsterdust mashup)^

    All that bullshit prolly seems pretty far apart I know, but it’s all right under our feet, so…not really that far apart at all. Just gets really wonky to think about with the whole mess spinning and wobbling and up and down and side to side and…and…and. It’s like trying to figure out how to get a planet through a sieve without tearing the damn thing apart in the process. Which…

    It’s 6,371 km (3,959 mi) to the center of the planet from here.
    It’s 7,675 (4,769 mi) from Dallas to Southend-on-Sea.
    We’re each of us closer to the center of the planet, than we are to eachother. 😛
    Just mumbling aloud. Digress.

    So, with respect to “genetic deposits”, we’ve got larger pools amassed here and there, threads leading away, pocketed amounts here and there, and the threads end in various ways. Lots of straight lines, crooked lines, fractals, points and bows.

    Spelunker –

    Topped with a bow.

    Merry Christmas! (Happy Boxing Day Too!)
    (and here’s that Lily Kolosova vid if anyone wants to watch it)

    ^LILY’S JOURNAL | WILD FRIDAY | “Let the BELLS ring!!!”^

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