Missive From ‘Merica: Well ‘Aunted

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Dear Reader, the LoL is pleased to announce that Underdog Anthology IX: Well Haunted…

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… Is now available for you to enjoy.  It’s the third Halloween volume Leg Iron Books has published…

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… And will be sure to make you…

… Soil yourself, which is why we’re delighted today to host a new missive from the Okie Devil of Text US, who’s thoughtfully provided some handy toilet tips…

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… Meet you at the bottom, Dear Reader… 😉



Kinda weird stumbling across that image. Just the other day I was working on my own “two-fold and cross” method. Meaning, the method for folding the paper prior to contact with the soiled crack.

Six to eight sheets

join ends of entire length

join ends of entire length a second time

join two corners at 45° angle.

This gives enough coverage + enough padding without risk of breakthrough. Best part, is that with this configuration, you can wipe/fold, wipe/fold, wipe/dispose. Usually at least three good wipes out of 8 sheets, and it folds nice so there’s little risk of….trauma.

The resulting wad of soiled paper that goes in the toilet can be thick tho. If you just had chili or curry, and you have to use multiple wads, a flush might be in order. A clogged toilet when you’ve got runny poops almost seems to go against nature. And it could get messy quick if you don’t have a plunger handy.

That defeats the purpose of attempting to be efficient with the paper
^Fergal Freeman / Call of the Mystic (Enchanted Mix)^

Another pro-toilet tip?

Never mix fluids/discharge(s)

Like, never blow your nose with toilet paper whilst shitting. You may get confused as to which end has been wiped, and which has not. Would suck to wipe your ass then blow your nose with the same paper because you were multitasking. Not everything “efficient” is worth the risk.

^deadmau5 – Bad Selection^

Summer is over. Just thought you should know in the event you weren’t paying attention.

And yes, summer is also over for you folks in the Southern Hemisphere too, even tho it hasn’t even started yet. Sorry, but this year you’re just gonna have to tough out winter like us normal humans in the north.

Merry Christmas
^Summer Breeze Seals and Croft^

You spend most of your time in a rectangular room. You’re surrounded by rectangular walls with rectangular doors and rectangular windows, and you move upon and about a rectangular floor, with a rectangular roof above you. Your brain is likely to get somewhat accustomed to processing rectangular geometric information(s). When you venture away from that environment, your being is likely to be somewhat flooded with all kinds of new and interesting stuff.

Q: What if you are blind? Deaf?

A: Gotta get you away from those eyes of yours

Not permanently, just a temporary vacation. Your ears are likely to process a good deal of spacial information. Gonna be kind of a passive thing, but density, distance and relative position is also going to be processed by those big-assed ears of yours. Yes, your ears are fucking huge.

Sorry, someone had to tell you, so it may as well be me

Anyway, the topic of processing spacial information came up today, and the basis was the processing of contextual geometric information(s). Making distinctions as to what should and should not be in a certain somewhere, peculiarities, anomalies, etc.. Maybe even those things that can be in a certain somewhere, but these things themselves contain embedded information that is out of place. How we process geometric information, and what “geometric” even means with respect to processing shape data and/or shaped information.

Let's break out to elaborate
^Hotknife / Time to Party (Original Mix)^
You may recognize this shape

But what about this variant?

Now, before I go too much further, those two images have some very specific meaning(s). One appears to mean “Jesus Freak”, and the other appears to mean “Semi-Woke Jesus Freak”. I would imagine the second is an “answer”…

to this shape

Or maybe this shape

The first image gave us a base of geometric understanding…

and things mutated 

and evolved

from there

So with respect to processing information, it’s prolly not just/only a matter of learning to make a distinction between known and unknown. We need to make considerations for uncertainty, irregularity, one-off(s), intentionals, unintentuals, mutative/change(s), all kinds of strangeness(es), and of course…time(s).

What does any of that have to do with processing shape information and/or shaped information? I dunno. Guess it depends on what you are looking at/for, and why. Maybe also what you are not looking at/for and why. Yeah…prolly both of those.

Just a matter of time(s)
^Avoure – Aura^

Strange way for two parties to have a conversation, eh? Back and forth over who is right/wrong based on what is basically a preschool drawing of a fish.

At least they're talking
^3/10 Lollercoaster – Melleefresh vs. deadmau5 @ Traffik, Montreal, 25-11-2006^

Lets say that you are looking at a planet, and you are looking for signs of life.

Where to start? 

Mirrors? Mirrors suck. What you personally see in the mirror on a daily basis is in no way, shape or form anything like life. Certainly not representative of life as a whole. Just you and your whole life. You aren’t the center of the universe.

Where was I? 

Oh yeah, looking for life on another planet. Nothing good going on here on Earth/Terra, so we gotta look elsewhere. With that in mind, chances are good that you are looking for something foreign to this planet. But what would that look like? When was the last time you went walking in an open field, completely unfettered, unhinged, and totally off the hook?

Have you ever? 

Don’t get too reliant upon that television if you don’t have to. That thing misses a lot of nuance. Shaped information. Only so much you can see because whatever you are watching has passed through many filters before getting to you. Maybe you aren’t thinking correctly with respect to searching for something that doesn’t appear to be there. Maybe it’s there, and you just aren’t seeing it. Or hearing it. Or feeling it.

^Saltwater (Original) by Chicane^

Hey, I’m just trying to maybe get you to think about how you think, and especially as thinking relates to the processing of geometric shapes. Might keep you safe if you’re running naked through a field, and the shape of a bus suddenly appears in your FOV. If the bus-shape is blurry, stop running. If the bus-shape/image stays blurry, you might want to take evasive action/start running away from this shape.

Don’t ask me what in the fuck a bus in doing in the middle of a field. There’s a naked person running through this field, so this particular field appears to be a field that attracts some weird shit.

^Hotknife vs Mister Tee / Take A Stand (Orignal Mix)^

I must pee. The bathroom…

the door is pulled to, but not closed.

The light…off.                                                            The exhaust fan…on.

Something horrible has happened in there, and it happened only recently.

Q: Do you wish to proceed?

A: ???

Life is a story-book adventure, all day, every day, whether you realize it or not.

^Tiny Dancer – Deadmou5 Remix (Elton John)^
I'm getting old in my old age
^Melleefresh vs DJ Kez & Karol N / Pussy (Original Mix)^

Is a looping echo of charitable sentiments indicative of a failure of past benevolent processes? Perhaps even an indication that no real attempts have been made to permanently resolve the need for a certain philanthropic something? I’ll give an example of what I’m thinking here…

The United Way raised $21,700 in its first year of operation. The year? 1887.

The United Way raised $3.919 billion in 2018 (fiscal year ended June 2019).

That's an increase of 18,059,907% in 132 years

Now, adjusted for inflation, that 1887 money is supposedly $586,491.61 in 2019 dollars. But I have to wonder what 2019 dollars will be valued at in the year 2151, which is 132 years from now. Did some reading, and the US GDP was $12.6 billion in 1887, which means that one single US charity in 2018CE raised around 1/3 of the entire country’s 1887CE GDP. Let’s see what $3.919 billion was worth in 1887.


Is it possible that $3.919 billion in today’s money is going to be worth almost $106 billion in 2151CE? I have no idea, and I guess it would depend on who you ask. Don’t ask anyone from a local church or anyone from Extinction Rebellion. Pretty sure they’re all convinced everyone and everything will be dead in 2151CE. Oh, and to add some additional perspective to those numbers, the current US President is said to have a net worth of around $3.1 billion as of March 2019CE.

^cube v3 – 5 days + nights with the LA horde^

From the United Way website…

“United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community.”

United Way fights. United Way...fights

Not only are you and yours fighting, looks like you’re fighting anyone and everyone, everywhere. Prolly would be considered “PC” of me to suggest that you remove “fight”. Prolly more important that you lose the fighting mentality. Who and what are these forces you are fighting? What is driving them? Big corporations? Big interests? Big dollars?

It's easy to pick on the big dogs
^Chris Brown & Benny Benassi – Beautiful People^

We treat you like “this” because you are a woman.

We treat you like “this” because you are a man.

We treat you like “this” because you are…a human?

Is it the ordering?

Watched a doc earlier this week that kinda touched on a lot of the peculiarities that I wrestle with regarding nomenclatures and the implied behavioral protocols that they can sometimes imply.

But, you’re free to watch the doc then make up your own determinations as to how you treat someone and why. Or not.

^Intersex – redefining gender | DW Documentary^

I’m not sure what to think about this. Had some thoughts recently about who can utilize infrastructure(s) to make money and why…

...but yeah, not sure what to think about this

Cept maybe that the à la carte model is being forced via any and all means.

^Demonetization by You Tube of Technical Content on the Blancolirio Channel^

Does steam “open the pores”? Open the pores of the skin. I would assume “heat” does this/helps this, so a hot bath or shower opens the pores.

Is this really a good idea tho?

Open the pores, slather on soap(s), scrub it in, embed bits of these “cleansers” and their different pieces and parts, then cool off and trap that shit in the pores of the skin? Lemme guess…

”it doesn't work like that”

Was thinking about washing in cold water, and it occurred to me that maybe perhaps the skin contracting and getting all those goose-bumps because you’re freezing your ass off, might be a design consideration. As it pertains to functionality. We’re trying to get stuff off our bodies, not get stuff in our bodies.

Or something
^Deadmau5 – Jaded || HD^

Well this is quite the eye opener. I only recently was pondering/wrote about arrays of aircraft because of some things that I saw back in 2013 and again in 2015, but I had no idea “they” were actually doing it. Makes sense that they are tho.

After watching the video below, it’s no fucking wonder that the UFO community has been shitting their pants lately. Trying to stay on the radar. Trying to stay relevant.

Things are about to get muddier in that area

You could bury all kinds of shit behind all kinds of crazy curtains with technology like this. It’s just too bad that the video has that dumb music on top. Would be interesting to hear what all those drones sound like.

^100-Drone Stock Show | Firefly Drone Shows^

That vid tickled my brain-ish type thingie, so I went to YouTube and searched for “drone array” (without quotes) and found this thing below from 7 years ago.

^A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors^

There actually wasn’t much at all on YouTube under “drone array”. In fact, pretty much nothing. There was a light show, and that swarm one above, and synchronized drone show, and MICRO DRONES KILLER ARMS ROBOTS – AUTONOMOUS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, and drone flight over the Very Large Array, a mention of a drone tracking array, but only one mention of “array” with respect to drones.


Why is it that arrays of drones don’t seem to be referred to as “drone arrays”?

Also, on the vid about the drone tracking array, I noticed in the description that they

“had difficulty getting the DJI drones to work at 5.8 GHz”.

Someone only recently asked me about “5G” and what it is. But somewhat off on that topic, I’m wondering if maybe some military projects are lagging a bit, and maybe that’s why cell providers are having fits with getting “upgraded” to 5G? As far as I know, 4G is still a pipe dream, and it was “introduced” in 2009. Gotta get the important stuff out of that/those band(s), and at the same time make sure you remain well-entrenched in that band so you can keep track of who is doing what. Lots of data is pumping through the lower bands already, and I can imagine that cresting each band can be a challenge. Especially if you are simultaneously trying to monitor anyone who is cresting bands above your own capabilities.

Can't let the competition get too far ahead of you
^Kaskade & Felix Cartal – More (Shuffle Video)^

You made me.

You’re still making me.

You’re trying to anyway.

No idea what I’m talking about?
How To Make Spells
10 Ways To Get Legislation Passed
7 Ways To Build Influence In The Workplace
Five Principles To Follow If You Want To Influence Others
24 Ways To Influence Even The Most Resistant People
8 Ways to Read Someone’s Body Language
50 Ways To Tell Someone You Like Them (Without Just Telling Them)
Impose One’s Will

If it’s still not clear, maybe think on the concept of “making” a bit.

Make it personal

What you make, when, where, how…all that good stuff.

^Boy Pussy / Unisex (Jackin’ Mix 2019 Remaster)^

I started this back on September 26th. It’s now October 12th. I rearranged some of the sections, which means you did not read them in the chronological order in which they were written. Time to stop this madness.

^deadmau5 / Vanishing Point [full version]^


^S_PAT / Tomorrow (Original Mix)^


*Yep, Parsons knows, Clicky…/stubs butt…*

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Reader, we hope you have enjoyed the visit, and don’t forget to check out Underdog Anthology 9: Well Haunted. Before you know it, the Xmasterpeace will be upon us. Have a Song ❤

18 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Well ‘Aunted

  1. This shit may be about to get out of hand.

    You may wanna take a coupla steps back.

    Just sayin’. 😉

    ^The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) – You don’t look like the one who’ll collect it. (Full HD)^

    From your Pygostyle link, that bit at the bottom (no pun intended) got me to thinking about the formation of the International Whaling Commission(IWC) post-WWII. Depending on who you ask, it was setup primarily to feed people.

    “Because the cut has a very high fat content, it was banned from 2007 to 2013 to combat obesity, only allowed back when Samoa joined the World Trade Organization”

    It’s weird enough that there is a “As Food” section, but it’s even more weird that you have to add fat to the biggest fat in order to profit from the fat. No separatists, no rogues, no strays, no opposition, no competition, join or die.

    Q: Is “join or die” a weird concept to ponder when reading an article about the fusion of a solid structures into a more solid/singular structure?
    A: ?¿?

    Was just thinking about how maybe in nature “fusion” is sometimes required in order to “split”. Maybe even that splits are sometimes required in order to fuse? We are afterall talking about a whole made up of wholes. Doesn’t matter if it’s a bunch of matter coming together to make an acorn that will eventually grow into an oak tree, or 12 separate tribes that will eventually come together to form a nation, or several bones that will fuse to eventually make flight/controlled flight a reality. All kinds of fission(s) and fusion(s) going on at the same time. (and different times) That got me to thinking about nature’s self-expression, and the amount of time(s) it takes for nature to express itself in a certain way. The amount of math involved, and the number of calculations that are performed prior to committing to a change? Holy shit…what a mind-bender.

    ^Why are Cashews Not Sold to Consumers in Their Shells?^

    Just seemed a strange concept to ponder…the math of a divisory fusion. Contextually confusing with respect to a lot of the subtext(s) and ancillary themes. And it got even more strange…

    “The meat is otherwise used in pet food.”

    That’s still a strange concept for me personally to ponder. “Good enough for” and “not good enough for.” Irrespective of the fact that you’ve got hungry people eating avian ass because it’s the only thing available, people are at least smart enough to pull the fat off the cut of meat if they are concerned about their waistlines whilst simultaneously starving to death. Pets however? Well, we’ve removed that option for them since we’re likely turning the cut into a protein slurry that will be formed for easier packaging and distribution, so they’ve no choice(s) as to whether or not to eat the fat. I was under the impression we humans love and protect our pets. Conditional protection(s)? Subject to?


    /rant off

    ^Losing fingers to chemistry – Periodic Table of Videos^

    Even as someone who has fucked around with pyrotechnics all my life, I cannot even imagine seeing something like that roll off of an LCA/LCU/LCM/TLC or whatever, then powering it’s way up the beach. The defenders would prolly be transfixed if they’d never seen anything like that before/had no prior knowledge such things existed. I know I’d be tempted to sit and watch it just to see what it was gonna do. Lose sight of what the whole was there to do.

    Shock and awe?

    Skyflowers? (like from Land Of The Dead/flowers in the graveyard)

    That thing musta made an awful racket too. I can only imagine what a shitload of them would sound like in unison.

    ^Butthole Surfers, Graveyard^

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      1. OK, so a wigbag is a dude’s berries and scrotacular berry encapsulation membrane, but a “bagwig” is a similar device of the more ornamental variety designed to encase cranial hair, Did they fuck up in that article on the “three wigbags”?

        Bbag Wig – https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/bag_wig
        Wigwag – https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/wigwag

        Virtue signaling?

        Bagworm Moth – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagworm_moth
        Fall Webworm – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fall_webworm

        The video that played on the article about the Queen’s speech?
        “A sensible, concession, to the passage, of time.”
        What in the fuck does that mean? A courteous way of saying “the old bat is fucking ancient cause she’s 93 years old, and can’t wear 2 pounds worth of ridiculously overpriced accessory on her noggin”?

        I may be overreacting, but it just seems like they are making a jab at Liz for “being old” in a way that implies some kind of incapacity and/or some kind of incompetence. Almost like they’re letting people know in advance that anything that she has to say is moot before she even says anything because she’s old, irrelevant, and needs to be shown the door.

        ^Benny Benassi feat. Channing – Come Fly Away (Original) (HQ)^

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    1. Didn’t read the article yet, but “a” center of “the” Universe maybe. Prolly not “the” center.

      “The” center of your Universe or “a” universe? Sure.

      And if the universe(s) are indeed iterative? There could be a possibility that we all get a turn in the barrel. Of course if you throw in the possibility that we currently have an incomplete understanding of “what multiverses really means”? Things get all kinds of wacky. Like, if some portions of “the” Universe are cyclical, but some portions of “the” Universe are not cyclical, someone might have a turn through the grinder thinking that they are the big-shit boss of everything, only to discover they in fact were not/are not. Only boss of a chunk, and only for a time. Plenty of evidence here on our planet for such a potentiality. Stewardship, life/death, judgement/reward/punitive etc..

      Would be a hell of a teaching tool for sure. Might also somewhat explain these membranous modalities that seem to have a prevalence. Their purpose, their reason for existing. Science won’t buy it because it’s too “creationist resonant”. I find this ironic since science seems to be attempting to be the very thing they are rejecting.

      Oh, and if your flight gets bumpy, maybe give this tune a listen. I used to listen to it during takeoff for every commercial flight, and it always calmed any nervous butterflies.

      Travel well, be safe.

      ^Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers (Official Video)^

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  2. Cade

    Thank you about flight. Fingers crossed.

    And from article. Counter Intuitive is the phrase I think.

    ‘So why does it matter that the universe is expanding? Because no matter where you stand, it will appear that everything in the universe is expanding around you. So the center of the universe is technically — everywhere.

    This is called the cosmological principle. The moment you pick a frame of reference, that point becomes the center of the universe.’

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    1. I get it. And so, if there is a center, or may be a center…so what? I have a capacity to zoom in, out, around and through anything and everything in order to see things in any way that I choose to see them, but again, so what? Knowing that there is a center or maybe even knowing where this center is ain’t necessarily gonna help my tie my shoes or help me make a decision as to whether or not to call the cops on that girl that is for some reason wandering around my back yard. Or maybe it will. No idea.

      There are some sinister questions underlying the basic premise of center(s). Most if not all are going to be “meaning” related. Empowerment, entitlement, who gets to sit in the big chair and why, how far, to what end(s), says who, etc.. Gets even more convoluted when you add “law” to the equation.

      Ignorance of law means want of knowledge of those laws which a person has a duty to know and which everyman is presumed to know. … Ignorantia juris non excusat or Ignorantia legis neminem excusat is a Latin maxim which means “ignorance of the law does not excuse” or “ignorance of the law excuses no one.”

      I don’t know everything and am pretty sure I don’t know anything, yet I can contextually be required to know something that I don’t know. I think some refer to it as “the school of hard knocks”. Considering the branched nature and/or modular nature of law, the unary application of binary modalities, add favoritism, nepotism, corruption, and deviations of all kinds ad-nauseum…things get even more interpretive, which makes thing more convoluted, which gets us right back to where we started….seeking center. Lots of magnetic forces here and there to pull the compass needle away from where it should be pointing.

      False Northing – https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/false_northing
      False Easting – https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/false_easting
      Declination – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declination
      Magnetic Deviation – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_deviation
      Inner Ear – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inner_ear
      Spin (Aerodynamics) – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spin_(aerodynamics)
      Spin (Physics) – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spin_(physics)
      Wavy – https://www.etymonline.com/search?q=wavy

      Woe to them born in an era when the norm is abnormalcy eh? That inexplicable “tug” you feel that something is wrong with right might become all the more confusing. You might even be compelled to do something completely counterintuitive in order to correct/stop the spin.

      ^CGI 3D Animated Short “I, Pet Goat II” by – Heliofant^

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