Lashed To River Rocks


Dear Reader, after being blown away by Jordan Peterson’s psychoanalysis of the animated movie Pinocchio last weekend, I persuaded Text US buddy, Cade, to remote viewing the good Doctor’s biblical stories lectures with me this week. It’s quite an undertaking as each of the talks we’ve listen to so far have been quite lengthy and thought provoking…

Frasier intense

*And completely fucking intense, yes! …/lights up… Although you know, Clicky… /drags…Frasier Crane was more Freudian… /streams smoke… Peterson is more Jungian like his brother Niles…* 

*Jung, hung and de Niles? …/smokes… Huh…*

… Then on Friday, I saw that LoL fav, John Lamb Lash, had a new talk out. Lashy has a completely different take on the origins of humanity, to the Bible’s, but cites many of the same influences on this thinking as Jordan Peterson does in his lectures…

‘The case for awe is also a case for humility. “Remain true to the earth,” Zarathustra implored. To stand in naked awareness in the presence of the earth, in silent knowing – this is awesome. Intimacy with the planet keeps us wild, undomesticated, unwilling to submit to social conditioning. In “On Reading and Writing,” Nietzsche wrote: “Untroubled, scornful, outrageous – that is how wisdom wants us to be.” Sophia (wisdom) loves those who preserve and protect her ways, women and men alike, warriors in the line of beauty. It could be objected that my obvious Nietzschean scorn for certain religious ideas compromises my judgment. But I am not the first to assert that religion (i.e., doctrine, rite, institution) is the enemy of genuine religious experience. C. G. Jung, Aldous Huxley, H. L. Mencken, Barbara Walker, and many others have made this observation, but no one has carried it through and backed up the argument in the way I do here.

‘It could also be objected that any expression of hatred is unacceptable in a book that purports to present spiritual values. I would reply that there is plenty of hatred circulating on this planet, and most of it seems to be coming from people who are devoutly religious. If humanity is filled with hatred, my personal share might act like a homeopathic dose against the general infection. I do not categorically reject hatred, or deny it a humane value. I hate a good many things: the rape of the earth, child abuse, sexual apartheid, the exploitation of youth, lies and hypocrisy, bad
literature, the consumer trance. This is my shortlist. But most of all I hate the enslavement and manipulation of the human spirit by false and perverted beliefs disguised in religious ideals and ethics. Hatred is an inevitable part of the human horror on this planet, but it can also be part of the cure. As Paracelsus said, the cure is in the dose.’

Sophia speaks

*To be fair, Clicky, humans are incredibly complex creatures… /taps ash… It takes a degree of sophistication to appreciate them…*

… So I listened to Lashy’s talk…

… Which was immediately followed by a most incredible ‘sync’ – news of humanity’s place of origin, according to Lashy, had broken in the media…

‘So far, there are several theories.

‘”Maybe more gas is falling into the black hole and that leads to higher amounts of accretion, which leads to it being brighter,” Do told a science publication.

‘There’s also the possibility that the black hole consumed a nearby gas cloud that had been documented nearby in 2014.’

*Whoa! That film is 75 years old?*

sophia explains


… So it’s been a weirdly intense week, and no doubt next week will be equally as intense as I’ll be on hols, writing a tale of horror for Underdog Anthology IX. I have the title and a story idea, now all I have to do is write the bloody thing…

sophia speaks again

*Okay, Clicky… /stubs butt…*

Doo enjoy what’s left of your we-kenned, Dear Reader, and, as always, have a Song… 😉


5 thoughts on “Lashed To River Rocks

  1. There once was a man from Nantucket,
    Who went to hell with a mop, three brooms and a bucket.
    Feel free to cringe,
    Because this ending is fringe,
    But I can’t help but wonder if there was any water in the bucket, and if so, how long did it take to evaporate.

    Did the Nantucket dude get any cleaning done before it evaporated?
    Was the bucket metal or plastic?
    Boiling water in a plastic bucket sounds dangerous, and boiling water in a metal bucket doesn’t sound much better.
    And how long did those brooms last?
    What was he doing there in the first place?

    Meh, if I had a creative bone in my body, I coulda answered all those questions 7 pr 8 lines ago.

    ^Tanya Tucker – Delta Dawn^

    You think it possible that “an intelligence” would know exactly how much energy is required to place an entity-to-entity call from one point in space to another? I do. We’re still kinda sloppy with our own energy consumption(s), and I guess that’s just kinda part of the learning process when bumbling around the concepts of what is/is not efficient, and even what “efficiency” even means. That concept of “gulping gas” has me thinking about…

    Smoke Signal

    Which reminds me…
    Q: How long is time?
    A: ? !!! ?
    Intentionally vague there somewhat, but the other day I was contemplating the logistics of watching these 2.5+ hour long videos, and overall, it’s really a drop in the bucket. So lemme ask the same question a different way…
    Q: What can we accomplish in the span of 1 day?
    A: ???¿???¿???¿???¿???¿???¿
    I got to thinking about our aggregation of time(s), as well as our distribution of time(s) and accounting of/for time(s).

    EX: 2.5 hours over the course of a day is quite a chunk of a day. But how much do we actually “get done” in the span of an average day? 1 thing? 2 things? How long did it take to accomplish this/these thing(s), and was that time well spent?

    We’ve watched 10 of these things so far, and at an average of 2.5 hours each, that’s 25 hours over the span of a week or so watching Jordan Peterson ramble and rant about nothing in particular. One(1) day. Can only speak for myself, but I’ve learned a lot over the course of that one day, and even feel like I got something accomplished. Hell, the “self-enslavement” and/or “self-servitude” idea was a mind-bender, and well worth the price of admission just for that/those concept(s) alone. The Id, Ego and SJW crowd(s) are likely to choke to death on a meal that size. (jmo)

    Over the course of my life, I’ve heard a lot of people say “if I could get just one thing done today, I’d be happy”. Maybe not always and forever looking at time one way, and one way only, can help in this regard? Am I stating the obvious? I get the feeling that I’m not. We tend to be taught only linear time, and our familiarity with aggregate time(s) seems to relate only to that and those times which serve/benefit others. (work week, school days/years, tax day, mortgage payment due date, election day, etc.) Many days embedded within the span of weeks and months and even years, decades and centuries.

    Pearl Harbor Advance-Knowledge Conspiracy Theory

    So yeah…having the economics of communications worked out is prolly a good idea going forward. Might be helpful in distinguishing flash traffic messages from snail mail types of stuff, and the communication medium/method iteself may be indicative of what is public/what is private. Just because you can intercept a communication or break an encryption or whatever, doesn’t mean that you should. To think that others haven’t worked this stuff out already seems a little short-sighted on our part(s). Prolly also short-sighted on my part to think that others here aren’t working on similar/same. /shrug

    Sorry…prolly doesn’t make much sense…just, thinking out loud. (as per usual)

    ^Cocteau Twins – Summerhead (new video)^

    Can you believe that August is almost over? Man…time flies when you’re not doing much of anything.

    ^Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) – Me Ol’ Bam-Boo Scene (4/12) | Movieclips^

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    1. Wow, I hadn’t thought of it like that. So, we’ve spent the equivalent of just over a day and a night listening to Jordan Peterson talk about what can be gleaned from the Bible stories, purely by looking at it as a piece of literature. Time does indeed fly 😉

      You up for a remote viewing of the XI?

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      1. In for a penny, in for a fuckton. 😉

        And not to get off on another rant of anything, but during the course of this round of pondering, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of headers.

        Header (Computing)
        Call Sign
        Station Identification
        Sign-On And Sign-Off

        Still a complete n00b to Doctor Who, but I think I once mentioned to you that the sound the Tardis makes has a “COMING THROUGH!!!” kind of vibe to it to me. So with respect to “intergalactic/interstellar communications of an indeterminate origin”, I wonder some times if perhaps there would be a communiqué that was “an attention getter” of sorts? A message that was nothing more than something indicative of an incoming message/transmission at a another time? I guess this concept was addressed somewhat in the Book/Movie “Contact”, but I’d never really synced that up with more…”spiritual”…types of things before. I guess I should have tho. Things to come. What comes after.

        John The Baptist
        Book Of Revelation
        Domesday Book
        Our Lady of Fátima (disambiguation)
        Travis Walton UFO Incident
        Rendlesham Forest Incident
        1980 Damascus Titan Missile Explosion
        Chicago Pile-1

        Does make me wonder how we would react to receiving a transmission, that was nothing more than a transmission indicative of another to follow.
        Would we listen to anyone who received the first message(s)?
        If so, would we listen for the second and/or any subsequent messages?

        Guess I personally never looked at these things from a practical standpoint. Or at least, never looked at them from a more-practical standpoint.

        ^Meg Myers – Running Up That Hill [Official Video]^

        I’m slow.

        Does make me wonder tho if we, as explorers, are thinking about offering the same kind or type of courtesy. Like, do our deep-space probes currently offer up a “comin’ through” or “incoming” or “here I am” kind of message? Something that lets others know that 1) I’m here, and 2) I’m letting you know that I’m here so as not to give the appearance or even impression of me/we/us attempting to slip in under your radar(s)?

        Sending something out there that doesn’t have a white flag of some kind waving or is ambiguous in any way, shape or form? Might be subject to misinterpretation. Not that we ourselves misinterpret others’ intentions or anything. 😉

        ^Missing Persons Walking In L A^

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