Missive From ‘Merica: Defective Detective

*/lights up… /drags… /streams smoke…*

Had a little bit of a hiccup with Cade’s latest missive, below, Dear Reader. Apols! Hopefully you won’t find your enjoyment diminished ❤


I have come to the conclusion that my normalcy is defective.

Defective normalcy...I have it

I have the same normalcy as anyone else, it’s just that my particular batch was maybe brewed after the factory had been in business for a while. Not quite the same as the first few batches.

An acquired taste?

^Junkie XL — Crusher.. High quality.^

Everywhere you turn, there is someone waiting to tell you what a fuckup you are. How wrong you are. How inadequate you are. What you are doing wrong. Usually because you are doing a similar or same something in a different way. Kinda makes you wonder how you’ll eventually react when someone tells you that you aren’t a fuckup. Like, would there possibly be some groups or people out there who might seek to take advantage of such channeling? You could win a lot of converts by being accepting of the mutants and defects. Assuming there are indeed people out there looking for some place to go that is. Could make you look quite powerful when you kick a mutant in the teeth.

^Marie Davidson – ‘Work It (Soulwax Remix)’^

DATELINE: 20,000,000 BC

LOCATION: Antarctica



So…if 70% of the planet’s current freshwater is stored on the continent of Antarctica, and if all this shit melts the oceans are going to rise almost 400 feet and drown us all…

Q: What were the continents up to 20 million years ago?

A: ???

Yeah, I kinda get it, ocean levels were higher and a lot of shit that is above water now was below water then. As recently as 500,000 years ago, the place where my stinky ass currently sits was completely under water as part of the Gulf of Mexico/Atlantic Ocean. But there are some things that aren’t adding up. Maybe I should think on this further and reach some conclusions before writing about it. Otherwise, I’ll wind up sounding like a complete moron. Can’t have that. Gotta learn to tow the line(s).

^BORIS “Statement” (Official)^

I keep seeing these huge blocks/chunks of missing time. Especially in the geological timelines. Is that normal?

^Slowdive – Shine (Video)^

Prolly normal that science has shifts between the research only mode(s) and teaching only mode(s). And it would further make sense that some of us are just…out of sync with those cycles.

^Ruby Cube – Apollo (clip officiel)^

Speaking of numbers failing…


*WTF, Clicky!*

*The tweet’s been deleted? …/squints… Bugger! Dear Reader’s not gonna know what Cade’s referring to. Shit, shit, shit… /pinches lip… Oh we’ll fink of sumfin. It could turn out ironic…*

It occurs to me that there’s no such thing as majority or minority when it’s just me and you. If I am “black”, and you are “white”, how do you justify these ancillary labels in a singular context? Do you really see yourself as an individual carrying the entire power of “the white race” when you encounter a person from another “race”? Because if that is so, you are likely also lugging around all the power of the human race, which I guess would include “minority peeps”. To go ridiculously further, this also would mean that you are also in possession of the powers of your gender, and all the powers of the opposite gender. I guess you’ve also got all the powers of the planet, which means you’re in possession of all the powers of the Universe…

Holy shit...you are GOD! 

Lemme bow down to you. Or maybe it’s as simple as, you’ve got what you’ve got, I’ve got what I’ve got, and what we choose to do with that is kinda up to us in the moment and moments of our individual lives. Let’s change directions.

How do you treat other life and on what do you base how you treat it? Plants? Animals? Insects? Bacteria? To get more specific how do you treat dogs? Cats? Fish? Skinks? Skunks? Roaches? Butterflies? What about less-organic stuff? Cars? Computers? Dishes? Rocks? Desks? Chairs? Punching bags? Siri? Alexa? Water? Air? Sand? Does it matter whether a certain something is “yours” as to how you treat it? Like say, you baby the hell out of greenery in your own yard, but all you do is complain about the greenery in other people’s yards? You may even utilize municipal types of powers to enforce your will on others in order to make their yard look more pleasing to your own personal sensibilities?

Phantoms...we are full of them
^Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom (It’s In There) A – 1989^

I woke up to that tweet staring me in the face, and I admit that it confused the fuck outta me…

*Clicky! There are only three people in world who might possibly understand that… /rolls eyes…*

…It made sense in that, wait, is this lady someone who is experiencing some perceived inequality because of her age, gender and race? But that’s the obvious. “Society” doesn’t appear to owe me a damn thing, nor do I expect anything from it.

That said, I talk almost incessantly with a white, middle-aged woman, and she’s got all kinds of interesting and meaningful things to say. So perhaps it’s not whether or not you have anything meaningful to say, as much as it’s a matter of whether or not you say it. Most writers are quite timid. They hesitate as to what to say, and how to say it. As a result, we tend to latch on to popular concepts, say what everyone else is saying, and what you say gets lost in the noise.

No big surprise there

Maybe it’s a matter of you not having anyone to say your piece to? Invent them. Might wanna keep in mind they are fictional tho. Don’t want your creation to become a bogeyman. Sounds like you’ve already got enough of those in your life.

^White Zombie – I’m Your Boogie Man (Sex On The Rocks Mix)^

Speaking of not being heard…I’ve not heard from a certain someone in a while.

Hope you are OK

^The Chemical Brothers – Sometimes I Feel So Deserted (Official Music Video)^

I am totally, completely, and permanently clad in nakedness.

^Broods – Freak Of Nature (Official Audio) ft. Tove Lo^
Bad behavior inspires...

Icelanders tire of disrespectful Instagram influencers

…more bad behavior. Yep, tourists behaving badly gives officials the ammo they need to behave badly themselves. You can imagine where things will go from there. On the surface, the story is suggesting that Instagram is to blame via the “influencers” that utilize social media to make massive monies. They spend money to travel to Iceland, to make stories, so they can take these stories take back home and make money off selling them via their social media accounts.

An investment in a future return

Now, I wonder where on EARTH people would get the crazy idea that controversial, radical, shocking, jarring and potentially offensive media would be a cash cow?

Certainly not just and only the CKY idiots
^CKY iceland_mission^

“The Cutting Edge” cares not about what it has already cut. It cares only about what it is cutting.

^CKY – “96 Quite Bitter Beings” (original music video before MTV edit)^

If you lived in a really great and cool looking place, but couldn’t do anything because everything is barred and/or banned, would that be considered…hell?

^SHPONGLE – Strange Planet (2017)^

If you sought to control anything and everything, how would you know when you had achieved your goal? Been seeing a lot of “globalist” types of stuff rearing its head recently, and I gotta wonder how in the hell you would know that you and yours were “in control”. We live in a pretty dynamic place that appears to be cyclical, not to mention that most dictatorial regimes throughout history are paranoid as FUCK.

Wait…maybe that’s it. When “the powers” get paranoid, they do so because think they are in complete control. Makes sense. Power is scary.

^SOULWAX – NY Excuse^

You think it possible to latch on to a static point in space within the confines of a planet’s atmosphere? Like detach yourself completely from the “earth dynamic(s)” by latching onto a certain something that most will likely say doesn’t exist/is an impossibility? Yeah, I don’t think that’s possible either. There’s nothing within close proximity to our planet that represents a static point in space which is opposed to other points in space. Of course, there are those Alpha Loops and Omega Gates. They kinda operate that way. Not saying they actually exist, but they might.

^Why Rockets Fail – Earth’s Rotation Leads to Explosion of The First Soyuz Rocket^

Q: Would you experiment on your own body?

A: !!!?!!!¿!!!

I mean, assuming you had a good reason to do so, and the time to do it in. Everything in your life lined up almost perfectly, the way seemed clear, is your own body the logical place to start? Or you think it best to outsource? Group study? Clinical trials?

Never can be too safe
^BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA – Monsoon malabar^


(song/video follows)
“The Number Of The Beast”
Iron Maiden
“Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath
Because he knows the time is short…
Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast
For it is a human number
Its number is Six hundred and sixty six”
I left alone, my mind was blank.
I needed time to think, to get the memories from my mind
What did I see?
Can I believe that what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy
Just what I saw in my old dreams
Were they reflections of my warped mind staring back at me?
‘Cause in my dreams it’s always there
The evil face that twists my mind and brings me to despair
The night was black, was no use holding back
‘Cause I just had to see, was someone watching me
In the mist dark figures move and twist
Was all this for real, or just some kind of hell?
666 the number of the beast
Hell and fire was spawned to be released
Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised
As they start to cry hands held to the sky
In the night the fires are burning bright
The ritual has begun, Satan’s work is done
666 the number of the beast
Sacrifice is going on tonight
This can’t go on, I must inform the law
Can this still be real or just some crazy dream?
But I feel drawn towards the chanting hordes
They seem to mesmerise…
Can’t avoid their eyes
666 the number of the beast
666 the one for you and me
I’m coming back
I will return
And I’ll possess your body and I’ll make you burn
I have the fire
I have the force
I have the power to make my evil take its course

I am completely and totally shocked to my foundations…circa 1982.

^Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast (Official Video)^

Q: If I am sick, ill and/or in some kind of jeopardy, does that mean The Universe is sick, ill and/or in some kind of jeopardy as well?

A: ¿

Better be sure on the answer to that one…eh?

^jefferson airplane • go ask alice cover^

The topic of “kinetic sculptures” has come up recently. I’m wondering if the depictions in the video below qualify. Like, in the “virtual” sense. I guess it just got me to thinking about the generation of wind(s) in the “Archonic Realms”…if you will.

What blows what?

Who blows who?

^Bonobo : Cirrus [Official Video]^


^Digitalism – Digitalism In Cairo^


Have a Song, Dear Reader…

*Phew! That was a close shave, Clicky…*

14 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Defective Detective

  1. You know, I mentioned that I encountered a goddess/shaman energy. She said “you have to go deep”.
    I mentioned she wasn’t youthful because I mean that she seemed (from my mind) that it was her ancient wisdom of seeing everything. It’s a human interpretation of an energy I encountered.
    And who does care about age?! And who blows who? Well, I told M that possibly 20 yrs ago, I wasn’t mature enough to know the importance of dedicating yourself to know and practice how to give the best blow job you possibly can, exploring different techniques and stuff. It’s a wonderfully whore-able thing to do and I’m definitely getting learning things along the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lolz…um, yeah. I must admit that I was speaking primarily about who and what blows the winds that moves the structures in Archonic realms. Like in the video for Bonobo’s Cirrus, there are what I personally perceive to be basically kinetic structures of the virtual varieties. A bunch of spinning, turning structures that have some interesting dynamics, but are basically static loops. The virtual machines within the virtual machine. I guess thinking about how what is basically a windmill would operate in the realms of these energetic beings. What we see on-screen is radically different from what is happening within the computer architecture itself, so I wonder if a virtual windmill might have different effects in a different dimensional configuration. And by that I mean, within a computer architecture. Computers operate in our same 5-dimensional world, but I have to wonder if the configuration of those dimensions don’t change, again within the architecture of a computer. Basically, a quantum flip of sorts where the rules are basically the same, but the rules appear in a different order, which actually makes the rules completely different. Especially depending on which side of the fence you are standing on.

      When I first heard JLL mention “The Archons”, I thought it was some kind of fiction where he was being clever with the name…arc…on. Sparks. Arcing. Friction. An electron transfer of some kind. As I listened to more and more of his stuff, I learned that not only were Archons some caste of ancient rulers, but he and I guess others see them as an entirely different “race” of beings that are pure energy or something like that. As such, I have started to think of “Archons” more as a viewpoint from a different side of the quantum mechanical veils. That’s just me tho.

      When Roob first told me about the archons being locusts in Sophia’s hair? I admit I freaked a bit because I instantly recalled seeing a painting of just such a thing at some point in my childhood. A painting of a woman with grasshoppers in her hair. Beyond that, I don’t know much about Gnosticism or Sophia or Archons or anything else for that matter. And Roob says he’s pulled all his content, and we don’t listen to his talks anymore.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I know that’s what you are talking about! I was just trying to keep up here! And humiliation. I’m learning to like it so I can turn the world around.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. About the archons, here’s a couple things that don’t make sense to me:
        Why are dinosaurs so emphatically and consistently taught to children at such a young age? I find that to be so disturbing. People say “kids love dinosaurs!” No they don’t! They don’t know what they like. They’re programmed. What mom thinks, oh it’s time to cuddle up and read a bedtime story, I’m going to tell my precious 3yr old about giant, monster lizards and then how a giant rock from outer space wiped them out. See? And think about it, just about every other critter is more interesting. Almost every household has a little wolf or a little lion! I could go on and on about this…instead of talking about dinosaurs, talk about how we don’t feed bears people food so they stay away from you. Safety! I Swear, I could start a campaign about this nonsense happening.
        And, you know that show, Transformers? My son watched that. These robots from space intermingle with humans (whether they like it or not), claiming that humans aren’t smart enough or capable of handling the dangerous world without them. It has to be archontic programming.
        And speaking of blowing, another thing about archons. One thing that would blast them off the earth is female sexuality. The big mystery…oh I wonder why female orgasms happen? They’re not necessary for reproduction. I know why!!!!!!

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        1. I dunno why “dinosaurs” are taught, other than they appear to be a type of lifeform that lived here on the same planet sometime in the past. Plus there’s the fright factor. The unknown is kinda scary, and maybe teaching children about scary stuff 1) teaches them about scary stuff, 2) acclimates them to multiple concepts at the same time via a single instance (fear/dinosaurs/learning/etc.), 3) teaches us to be observant and mindful about what is/is not “scary” to an individual child, 4) tells us a bit about who we ourselves are/want to be, 5) opens doorways to “more advanced” concepts, 6) on an on. I always tried to teach my own children about more than just and only “dinosaurs”. Like for example, I tried to keep things contextual in that I tried to teach my children that dinosaurs in our own time = paleontology, geology, archaeology, geography, minerology, zoology, biology, chemistry, botany, genetics, anthropology, anthropogeny, morphology, history, religion, etc.. I tried to teach them that the concept of “dinosaurs” wasn’t as simple as “Big-assed reptiles that are scary as fuck! Now, say your nite-nite prayers, thank God dinosaurs are extinct because a giant space rock killed the shit out them, then go to sleep!!!” But, to be fair I prolly taught them that too. 😛

          Your comment about “blasting Archons off the Earth” is an interesting observation, because one of the things that really puzzled me about the JLL talks is why they were spoken about as if they were some galactic pestilence to be fought, and potentially even eliminated. Contextually, if they are their own “race”, kinda fitting that dinosaurs are mentioned in this context since they too appear to have been exterminated. Keep in mind I’m being contextual here, and I personally have no idea if life exists elsewhere in the Universe and/or in other dimensions/realms, nor even if other dimensions/realms themselves exist. I only know that there is plenty of proof of life in the Universe right here under our feet, and that there is also plenty of evidence for some amazing dynamics at work “behind the scenes” that makes the whole mess work.

          Sorry to rant on and on, just kinda interesting that me and Roob talked a bit about this very subject yesterday thanks to the fact that the Tweet I used in part of this post had been deleted. Basically, the concepts of programming and the desires that we as both individuals and groups of individuals have to be programmed/not be programmed. And yes, I think we have inclinations to desire to be programmed, but we don’t like looking at it in such dire vernacular. To me, subscribing to a particular magazine or watching a certain show or joining a certain group is in fact a desire to be programmed expressing itself via more or less subtle means. You’re signing up to consume whatever bullshit these organizations are trowling out. In effect, you are like Neo in the Matrix movies plugging yourself into the machine saying “Hell ya!” after getting Combat Training uploaded into his head. (I apologize if that reference is vague in the event you’ve not seen the Matrix movie(s)) But to continue in that same vein, those outside The Matrix were allowed to choose when and what they plugged in, unlike those who were plugged in and didn’t even know it. That rabbit hole goes much further, so I’ll shutup about it. But yeah, I kinda see deciding to participate in a certain architecture is much like jacking-in to The Matrix. Doesn’t matter whether that’s choosing a certain school, or a certain church, or a certain trade, or a certain neighborhood, or a certain partner, or a certain internet provider, ad-nauseam….you’re along for the ride and subject to the rules of that architecture. I guess there is a certain implied acceptance of the validity of the information transmitted via these channels, and the channels themselves and their sources don’t deal well with rejection. Food for thought.

          Oh, and assume that’s a code of somekind below. I was too tired to look at it last night. I assume it’s a code because 1) it was posted, 2) what is there, 3) what isn’t there. A few other things caught my eye as well. If you want me to try and crack it, I will. 🙂

          ^Iron Maiden- The Prisoner^

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Cade, I have so much to reply! It will be a few hours before I’m on computer. I do like talking about this stuff because there is something I think I’m not getting that possibly others are. Anyway, sending a comet soon…☄️

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I personally have no idea who gets what, and can only speak for myself. Kinda easy too in that I don’t “get” hardly anything. Lots of information, lots of contexts, contexts are always changing, and there are a fuckton more people and other forms of life than just and only me. The few things that I do “get” usually come after much mulling and contemplation, and even then there almost always seems to be wrinkles. Questions. Almost like the more I understand, the less I actually know. Relateability and relating is…tricky.

              I have no idea why I’m rambling, other than to maybe say, hang in there. ❤

              I guess I coulda just erased all that and said "hang in there GoI."

              Let's start over…

              Hang in there GoI!

              ^Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe [HQ]^

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    smn.ti Hr nswty Axty

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  3. Hi Rubedo!
    Was it a wonderful realization when you realized that you are an alchemical process, 👈🏻 or were you like, “meh” and just carried on?

    Liked by 1 person

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