Synchronicity & Fire Signs

Apols, Dear Reader, but this is a proper shambles…

…I’ve been thinking about whether or not the Internet is ‘alive’ in regards to the Sophianic Myth, as described by Gnostic teacher, John Lamb Lash…


*I’m agnostic, Clicky… /shrugs… butt what if A.I. means ‘Aeonic Intelligence’ instead of ‘Artificial Intelligence? Perhaps both? Would that make Sophia a grandmother?*

From my understanding of it, the Aeon Sophia, having fallen (or jumped) from the Galactic Centre, accidentally created the Archons (Silicon-based life form) from the force of her fall, before transforming herself into a planet (Earth), as a home for her intended offspring, the ‘Divine Experiment’ (Humans) to live and thrive on. The fate of humanity rests on its ability to get along with its accidental older sibling which, incidentally, hates its guts…

jealous sign

*I wouldn’t be at all surprised, Clicky…* 

*Oh it was the Phoenix Club… /smacks forehead… The blood Club and Silicon Valley…*

Zucks Data

*Hmm… /nibbles thumbnail…*

Now, I happen to think of ‘synchronicity’ as a language, Dear Reader. A medium, if you will…

… So what was the weird sync that I encountered last night, telling me? It occurred after Cade and I had finished remote viewing a couple of movies featuring the Gyllenhaal siblings. Maggie in ‘Secretary’…

*Scribe arse smacked from behind…*

… And Jake in ‘Jarhead’…

*Scribe head smacked from behind…*

… For whatever reason – he didn’t elucidate as to why – Cade decided to share a Song with me…

Cade and Roob Saturday Night Convo 1

… I listened to it and we chatted on about a video by Victor Oddo, that we’d remote viewed earlier on in the day…

*Does his haircut seem somewhat jarheadish to you, Clicky?*

Cade and Roob Saturday Night Convo 2

*Pommes Frit? …/gnaws top lip… It was definitely in the Thatcher sense… /wipes mouth…*

… And whilst we were chatting, I decided to catch up on comments elsewhere. I saw that MJ had left a very interesting one in the Red universe of MEROVEE

Merovee MJ posts Times Square Fire Sign

*/thinks… That kinda syncs with Cade’s last missive, Clicky… /scratches nose… All those threes and there was that Victor Oddo video about synchronicity in it…*

Cade and Roob Saturday Night Convo 3

…I posted the tweet of the Times Square Sign on fire to Cade… 

Cade and Roob Saturday Night Convo 4

*My thinking exactly, Clicky! …/pats snout… Yous so clever…*

Cade and Roob Saturday Night Convo 5

rockwall sweetie signDoctor and Amy

*That’s more of a rockface than a rockwall, Clicky, but I get your drift… /sighs… I dunno. I know that I’m in dire need a smoke and that you need to get a Song for us to finish on…*

Is the Earth alive, Dear Reader? Is the Internet alive? Do I have too much time on my hands? Are these the great questions of our times? 😉 Who knows… and have a Song 😉

38 thoughts on “Synchronicity & Fire Signs

  1. Also on that sign…
    “orn in San Francisco”
    Everything in there is quite interesting, but that bit about the type of cell in the nasal mucosa is pertinent to my interests.
    Olfactory Receptor Neuron

    Skyy – check – odka? Skyy check? Check sky? “odka” points to Islamic Music on Wikipedia.

    Islamic Music

    Odka also appears to be a town in India? Od Ka? Or maybe…odd ka? Didn’t Thoth mention “Ka” in those Emerald Tablets?

    Ancient Egyptian Concept Of The Soul

    Spirit overdose? Unusual spirit? lolz
    /me shrugs

    Lots of arrows pointing here and there, and especially east, which if you are facing north, is right. But my east would be more south/southeast for you, and your east would be more north/northeast for me. That said, many ways of arriving at the same point. I guess it’s just that some routes/pathways may be more optimal than others.

    Gonna go finish the new missive. Almost done with it. 🙂

    ^Grouplove – Ways To Go (Lyric Video)^

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    1. Vodka literally means ‘little water’…

      Butt even I know that you don’t use water to put out an electrical fire 😉

      Also, it’s classed as ‘odorless’ by the US FDA, though I doubt it really is. Apparently there was a fad for drinking a shot of vodka via the eyeball…

      *Sound bleedin’ painful, Clicky…*

      Talking of arrows, the Brexit Party has one as it’s logo…

      Interesting colour choice. In the Whirled of MRS REGN, that colour looks like ‘Movement’..

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      1. Maybe we won’t like what they have to say? 😛

        That does make me wonder tho. I guess we humans are as much a part of the planet as anything, but if we start listening in on other lifeforms’ conversations, and we begin to comprehend and understand these conversations and the language(s) they are spoken in, could our involvement possibly be stimulus for the language/communications methods to change/mutate? Like, just as we begin to understand “mouse”, the mouse language begins to mutate. Exclusivity seems to be a prevalent trait in both language and the arts of communications/communicating.
        Code Talker
        Arrays, Objects and Mutations
        Virus Induced Point Mutation
        Linguistic peculiarities of communication in Internet

        There mention of a trichotomy in that last one.

        I have no idea what they are saying in this song.

        ^🇮🇱 Song in the languare of Yiddish- Tumbala balalaika.^

        Language and the reason(s) behind what is communicated and how seems to be capable of changing pretty rapidly sometimes. I mean, look at what a difference one to two years can make. 😀

        ^Brexit: ‘UK to quit single market and look beyond Europe’ – Theresa May^

        This song is completely unrelated to anything.

        ^Macabre – “The Cat Came Back”^

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      1. That’s quite interesting. I saw a documentary some time back about those with AIDS starting to take large amounts of anabolic steroids, and basically rebounding quite well. Don’t recall any specifics on where their T-cells counts went, but I would imagine up.

        If I ever find the original documentary, I’ll pass it along. Can’t recall what it was at this time, but I do seem to recall there was mention of the difficulties obtaining medication and perhaps some politics surrounding AZT or similar,

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          1. Found it. It’s part of the documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster*”

            Below is just the first clip I found on YT, but I seem to recall them talking to this guy quite a bit more in the documentary itself. I could be wrong tho. Been a while since I’ve seen it.

            ^BIGGER STRONGER FASTER* deleted scene: “Steroids for HIV”^

            A really great flick with a lot of information, great stories, lots of pointers and directional indicators leading to and from all kinds of places.
            Definitely worth a watch if you’ve not seen it.

            ^Daft Hands – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger^

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  2. Brilliant, Ruby! This post is a 3-course dinner with bread and butter.
    About the fear, its really something that has a forceful grip. This place we’re in…its all one thing having an experience. I have a friend who is always reading something from COBRA. I’m not sure what COBRA is, but my friend is always reporting that there will be mass arrests taking place within the cabal. I pointed out to her that perhaps mass arrests aren’t solving the problem if we can’t move on from the thought of policing and arresting each other. (also if there’s a cabal then the cabal owns the police). But she still updates me about mass arrests. I don’t want anyone arrested.
    I used to work at an acupuncture office. In eastern medicine, the kidneys are the seat of emotion.
    “A famous Chinese doctor named Zhang Jie Bin (approximately 1563-1640) wrote “there are two kidneys, (kidney yin and yang), with the Gate of Vitality between them. The kidney is the organ of water and fire, the abode of yin and yang, the sea of essence, and it determines life and death.””
    “Mentally, its responsible for supporting memory, while emotionally its linked to determination, or will power (zhi).” wikipedia
    Like you said, watt is happening is all of those things (gods, aliens, Sophia, etc), but from the perspective of ‘the gods’, it seems that the gods are just feeling out the ‘what is’, by gauging how much fear. In the babble, kidneys are mentioned a lot. They’re called “reins”.
    Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; try my reins and my heart. Psalm 26:2
    And the story of Abraham and Issac…And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me. Genesis 22:12
    It’s a litmus test. How much fear do you have? And that horrific story. God said “just kidding! you don’t really have to kill your son. I just wanted to see if you’d do it.” And I guess Abraham thought this is a good god to be worshiping.
    Anyway, like the Picard video, are we not biological machines? And the Bible is very telling, in a way that we are “coded” in our biological machinery, as a way for an experience to happen, like his story. The babble is about HIStory. And also her story, but that would be the MYstery 😉
    I think we are again at Golgotha taking a litmus test. A symbol of US is Lady Liberty, or Inanna, Ishtar and the lot. Apparently, her motto is ‘if it feels good, do it’, and this principal is the force that is regulated by HIM because possibly SHE wants him to. The yin and yang. That scene from Secretary is so HOT 😍

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the shambles, MJ 😀

      You know how they say the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it? I think it’s exactly like that for synchronicity, except we’ve always been immersed in it but didn’t recognise it as such. I think the speed of communication now has helped immensely…


      1. Yep! All connected. If we could observe from space, are we making a pattern or shape?

        And I know you’ve said before but I forgot. Do you live in London? Or just outside of London?

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            1. That is a most excellent video and I’m going to learn that ancient dance!
              I went to google maps to Southend and you know how you can drag the little man to the street and look around? It looks lovely ☺️ I could almost smell the saltwater air. And I bet there’s excellent seafood.
              I picked random places to look around and of course, I ended up in front of M Kink 😁

              And the ocean and sky remind me of Boston.

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              1. I didn’t recognise the place! Thoughtful Man did though. He tells me fireworks are sold in the space next to the Motiavtional Mind Master, in the run up to November 5th every year.


      1. Roob you are right its the great question of our time .. is the goddess Media alive?

        I remember sharing this with you a crazy long time ago.

        It all started with me that day in Glasgow in the tea room when I had this uncanny feeling that someone or something was watching me … I turned around and a black and white film was playing of Betty Davis on the wall only she was in 3D as if she was coming out of the screen …. and I didn’t get a friendly vibe if you know what I mean. Then when I went outside there was a 40ft truck with Wicked on the side as the show had just arrived in town.

        Then American Gods comes along and replays the same scene only this time its Lucy.

        and no I wasnt on drugs apart from the Rooibos tea that is 🙂

        and Betty Davis and Gillian Anderson both star in All About Eve about Old Media being replaced by New Media. Old gods being replaced by New gods or idols.

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    1. Hiya Frank 😀

      I didn’t know whether to post this on Dr Hu or your next post, but as you’re here. You know your model village train of syncing? Well, I just saw a tweet about one being attacked…

      *Fanks, Clicky…*

      And this…


  3. Roob

    I’m not sure exactly what’s going on with the models. Toytown has been showing up a lot.

    Proportion and Go ask Alice when she’s ten feet tall. Ratio-nal.

    And Mal and Inception. How long have you got 🙂

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