Brexit Shambles

*/flicks lighter … Hey Clicky… /lights up… Actually there were 2 dead mouses in the trap this morning… /drags… To go with the dead one and the live one caught in the trap yesterday… /streams smoke…*

*Yeah, poor sod. Fancy being trapped all night with the corpse of your mate… /puffs… I let him out into the garden…*

*Sew, Brexit? What in the snafu was that all about this week, Clicky?*

*’This is sovereignty itself on the chopping block’ …/flicks ash… Blimey, Click, strong words… /final drag… Butt what did Jackboots have to say for ‘erself?*

*An’ wot about the eww? …/stubs butt… wot did they say?*

*Yikes! Butt wot we meant to doo ab out it, Clicky?*

*Suppose sew… /lights up…*

12 thoughts on “Brexit Shambles

  1. Roob

    Just as a ‘Quite Interesting’ fact, the proposed date for leaving the EU is 29/3 and is a mirror date of TTN’s birthday – 23/9.

    A mirror Rapture.

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    1. Frank 29/3 thats my sisters birthday another mirror never thought of that before thanks for pointing that out

      BTW what has happened to Merovee has the Inquisition finally caught up with us or have you packed up and headed west to Texas?

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