Back After The Break

*Blimey! Antifa’s embracing Capitalism now, Clicky? …/flicks lighter… Unceasing amazement. How wonderous… /lights up…*

Welcome back, Dear Reader! Sincerest apols for my absence from the LoL these past few weeks. I’ve been busy writing and editing stories for ‘Underdog Anthology VI: The Gallows Stone’. Halloween themed and brimming with spookiness, the latest addition to the Underdog collection will be available for purchase later this week…

*/drags… Alright then, Clicky, I’m getting the feeling you wanna talk about ‘breaking’…*

*/streams smoke… That’s right, synchromystically, CRM 114 = to break… /taps ash… breaking, break in, break out, break up, break down, broke…*

*Oh yeah, the 114th judge thing. I ain’t watched much news recently but I was fucking glued to that debacle, Clicky… /drags… What do ya reckon the CRM could stand for? Concocted Rapey Machinations? …/blows…*

*Shit! Have you seen the time, Clicky? …/stubs butt… I didn’t know it was so late. Thoughtful Man will be home from work soon and I’ve done fuck all so far around the house today…*

… Clicky and I will be back later in the week with another post, Dear Reader, as soon as Underdog Anthology VI is published. Until then… Have a Song 😉

10 thoughts on “Back After The Break

  1. 100
    2015 TB145 –
    Antirrhinum –

    I mean, what would it take to get from one dimension to another? Especially if the “rules” are completely different in “Dimension A (from)” than they are in “Dimension B (to)”, not to mention the space and spaces between Dimensions A & B.
    The Parallax View –
    Parallax –
    Been thinking a lot about ice and how ice configures itself under certain circumstances. Explorers/scientists tend to use explosives for seismic surveying and/or high energy devices like radar. I wonder what the effects of marching across Antarctica and lighting off explosives every few miles are?

    ^A Split Second The Parallax View B 2 Original mix)^

    As far as color(s) go…
    Red = 114 + Green = 114 + Blue = 114 = Grey
    Red = 114 + Green = 0 + Blue = 114 = A saucy and deep magenta/plum
    Red = 114 + Green = 114 + Blue = 0 = A deep yellow/golden
    Red = 0 + Green = 114 + Blue = 114 = a deep-ish teal/bluegreen
    /me shrugs

    ^Mastodon – Toe to Toes [In-Studio Performance]^

    I’m not necessarily suggesting that some of these high energy devices that are coming online are causing rifts in the ways that some might think, but I do think it possible that they could change existing matrices in such a way as to potentially destroy them. Or maybe just cause them to no longer function.
    Do You Live Near Toxic Waste? See 1,317 of the Most Polluted Spots in the U.S. –
    Hzardous Waste Listings –
    List of Superfund Sites –
    List of Superfund Sites in Texas –
    Lots of links in those chains, and would imagine they each have their own color/resonance.
    Skunk Works –
    Legend is that Lockheed’s Skunk Works was so named because the chemicals they used stunk horribly.
    Ten-code –
    10-8 = “In service”

    Ironically, I too am available on this fine October 8th. 😉

    ^Primitive Radio Gods – Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand^

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    1. Okay, but I don’t understand the point of the article because it’s not really about the Supreme Court.


      1. I know. It doesn’t really connect. I guess I just think it’s all a show. Politicians choosing platforms that will draw votes, not because they believe in anything. And it’s astonishing that people feel strongly about voting, given they witness a lifetime of nothing changing whether it be dem or rep. The article is just saying that Americans seem to have a childish outlook, and are quick to “fight for their country”, where all they do is spend their lives slaving away. I’m just feeling cynical today.
        On another topic, I was thinking that (astrologically) we are going from a water/earth age to a fire/air age. People don’t like seeing turbines that harness wind energy. And solar panels take up lots of room. I just wonder…why do we land on asteroids and send probes when harnessing free energy could literally change the world. I guess people don’t want that. It’s too much “free”.

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