Sumfin’ Fishy: A Roob/Click Convo Fragment

*Has your boat come in, Clicky? …/rolls eyes… Funny, I can’t smell any fish… /sniffs...*

*/blank stare… Nope, you’ve lost me… /flicks lighter…*

*/lights up… Catch much fish in a dead pool, Clicky? …/deep drag…*

*Fuck! That a hell of a fish tail… /taps ash… Nekked, eh? Wouldn’t want that nosying around your wahoo… /puffs…*

7 thoughts on “Sumfin’ Fishy: A Roob/Click Convo Fragment

  1. Um….
    According to FEMA, his death is first in the USA to be caused by an e-cigarette
    FEMA? FEMA?!?!?!?!?
    Federal Emergency Management Agency –
    Lemme guess…gonna declare “a healthcare emergency” at some point, and federalize anything and everything that the states would normally control. In effect, declaring am individual state and/or states as “overwhelmed”, which in effect could be construed as a simultaneous declaration of…incompetence?

    Just thinking, that a good way to grab control of marijuana/hemp at this point, is to legalize it. Then you can treat it in the same way that you treat alcohol and tobacco when you declare them as “permanently off-the-menu”. (so as to get “the healthcare crisis” under control)

    I’ve been thinking a lot about labor unions lately, so yeah…maybe “the time of the union” is upon us. Just not gonna manifest in the way that we think it is.

    ^Cuba’s DIY Inventions from 30 Years of Isolation^

    All that said, LOTS of things being omitted from certain “western calculations”. Or at least, within the public eye. You think the average American gives a shit about Somalia or Ukraine if guns aren’t being fired in anger or shit isn’t blowing up? I dunno either. Some do…some don’t…some are analysts that study this shit all day every day.

    ^De Plane De Plane | Tatoo On Fantasy Island^

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  2. Roob

    When I see Fishlove I know it’s a different world.

    Gone Fission and Go Fish. Deck of Cards


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