Art Amiss & Apollo Chicken Shamble

I read the latest post at Too Long In This Place on Tuesday morning, Dear Reader, over my Milk Ana Dash breakfast coffee, and wake up ciggy…

*/lights up… Dallas is Cade’s home town, Clicky…*

…A post in which the writer, mentions that Dallas sounds like Delos, the birth place of the Greek god Apollo and his twin sister Artemis…

‘Ancient Greek writers, by way of folk etymology, and some modern scholars, have linked Artemis (Doric Artamis) to ἄρταμος, artamos, i.e. “butcher“.

I mentioned as much to Cade whilst we were DMing on Twitter on Tuesday night. I couldn’t remember if Apollo and Artemis’s mother was Leda (seduced by Zeus transformed as a swan) or Leto…


*Um, that’s the actor called Leto, Clicky… /drags… Actually, thinking about it, the Joker’s girlfriend ‘Harley Quinn’ is play on ‘harlequin’, a character originating from Commedia dell’ARTe…*

Roob and Cade convo 1

*Oh it’s ‘Lord of Illusions’… /puffs steadily… *

*Interesting… /taps ash… from the earlier link, Artemis and Apollo’s mother, Leto, is associated with wolves…*

Roob and Cade convo 2

*Dis-ease, yes…*

*At ease?*

Roob and Cade convo 3

shambles (n.)

early 15c., “meat or fish market,” from schamil“table, stall for vending” (c. 1300), from Old English scamolscomul“stool, footstool” (also figurative); “bench, table for vending,” an early Proto-Germanic borrowing (Old Saxon skamel“stool,” Middle Dutch schamel, Old High German scamel, German schemel, Danish skammel “footstool”) from Latin scamillus“low stool, a little bench,” ultimately a diminutive of scamnum“stool, bench,” from PIE root *skabh-“to prop up, support.” In English, sense evolved from “place where meat is sold” to “slaughterhouse” (1540s), then figuratively “place of butchery” (1590s), and generally “confusion, mess” (1901, usually in plural).


The above was written on Wednesday evening, Dear Reader, but then I got diverted preparing for a job interview, and undertaking day-to-day generalities like ironing, washing, cooking, sleeping, working and reading others’ blog posts.

It is now Friday lunchtime and I cannot remember where the fuck I intended this shamble to end up, so I’ll let it go where it will…

*I saw that last night, Clicky, pronouncement from Apollo…*


*T’ease… /squints… Sew a joker?*

*Ah huh… /grimaces… I know you posted that on MEROVEE last night, Clicky…*

*DOW… Dogs Of War… /thinks… and ‘to top’ is slang for ‘to kill’… that’s where this post started, Clicky, with ‘Too Long In This Place’…*

That’s my lunch hour over, Dear Reader… I’ll be back later with a new post. In the meantime… Have a Song 😉



10 thoughts on “Art Amiss & Apollo Chicken Shamble

    1. Oh…and…bloodbath.

      Or…New Order – Confusion – A Remix

      ^Confusion – New Order Blade Soundrack Bloodbath Remix^

      I think I saw some banter earlier in the week about “black superheros” or some such. Not that Blade was/is a superhero or anything. I just know I’d sure as shit hate to be on his bad side.

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    2. No, it’s weird, Cade, as I was looking up ‘patronizing’ recently, specifically because of this woman in red…

      … patronizing feminists. Apols. self proclaimed feminists… what are they really trying to achieve?

      ‘Patronize (v.)

      1580s, “to act as a patron towards,” from patron + -ize, or from Old French patroniser. Meaning “treat in a condescending way” is first attested 1797; sense of “give regular business to” is from 1801. Related: Patronized; patronizing.’

      Sew… ‘patron’? I cast ize…

      “a lord-master, a protector,” c. 1300, from Old French patron “patron, protector, patron saint” (12c.) and directly from Medieval Latin patronus “patron saint, bestower of a benefice, lord, master, model, pattern,” from Latin patronus “defender, protector, former master (of a freed slave); advocate,” from pater (genitive patris) “father” (see father (n.)). Meaning “one who advances the cause” (of an artist, institution, etc.), usually by the person’s wealth and power, is attested from late 14c.; “commonly a wretch who supports with insolence, and is paid with flattery” [Johnson]. Commercial sense of “regular customer” first recorded c. 1600. Patron saint (1717) originally was simply patron (late 14c.).’

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      1. A feminist modeling feminists, and/or telling others what they should and should not do/be. Whodathunkit?

        Outside looking in? Guilt? Who knows. /me shrugs

        There’s a strange nature to creating a state of war, and/or a body of soldiers, where no state of war exists. This is a messy one. (meaning, the thought process(es) behind further defining groups that are already well defined) i.e. – women

        Meaning, there’s almost a timbre/resonance of “drones” to what “the feminist” is putting forth in that video…she’s forming an army, and all soldiers are to be what she says they should be. Like she’s got a well-formed list of issues/complaints, they are all pre-loaded and ready to use, she just needs a place to say them, yet they are lacking in any sort of local context. What does “the feminist” get from all this? Revenge for the indignation suffered for being asked to dress in Hawaiian clothing? Plus, she mentioned “fantasy” several times. Seems to me that the fantasy is on the outside, not the inside.

        I’m quite likely wrong on any/all of that.

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        1. I don’t think you’re wrong on any of it, except that maybe being once asked to dress hula girl when she worked behind a bar, is a long forgotten memory dredged up in order to justify…

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          1. I guess I see a look of “YOU TOOK MY FUCKING JOB AWAY FROM ME GODDAMNIT!!! WHY?!?!?!?” when the two grid gals are looking at the lady in red.

            I dunno. It’s so fucking difficult to find a niche for yourself. Something you can do. When you find it, and someone takes it from you? Yeesh.

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