On The Lash: See Harlot Working…

National Treasure Riley Are You Crying

*That’s from… um… /shakes lighter… National Treasure! Thoughtful Man and I really enjoyed that movie, Clicky… /lights up*

John Lamb Lash posted another talk yesterday, Dear Reader, in which he disclosed more about the terma he received from Gaia Sophia on 08.08.08, and specifically the ‘killing spell’ he intends to cast later this month. For instance, when, where, why, butt knot for whom…

*Knot yet anyway… /drags… I’m feeling a bit dubious about this, Clicky… /streams smoke… He calls it the ‘Charlotte Working’…*


‘fem. proper name, from the French fem. of Charlot, a diminutive of Charles. Meaning “apple marmalade covered with bread-crumbs” is attested from 1796, presumably from French (where, however, the dessert name is attested only from 1804), possibly from the fem. proper name, but the connection is obscure. Perhaps from some French dialect word. Compare Middle English charlette(mid-14c.) “dish containing meat, eggs, milk, etc.,” said to be probably from Old French char laité “meat with milk.”

‘The city in North Carolina, U.S., was settled c. 1750 and named for Princess Charlotte Sophia (1744-1818), who married George III of England in 1761; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, also was named for her (1763).’

*Oh, that’s right! Helen Mirren played her on the silver screen… /drags… I knew she grew up local like, Clicky, I didn’t know she was born in Queen Charlotte hospital, though… /blows smoke ring…*

*Whoa! She plays ‘The Mother’ in the sequel! I forgot about that… Dr Emily Appleton… /smokes and thinks… Ap-parently, for the killing spell there’ll be an app, a-cording to Lashy…*

*Figure out the importance of the ship-shape pipe… /taps ASH… press the button… Voila…*

Meerschaum (n.)

type of soft white clay, 1784; from 1789 as “tobacco pipe with a bowl made of meerschaum clay,” from German Meerschaum, literally “sea-foam,” so called from its frothy appearance; from Old High German mari “sea” (see mere (n.)) + scum “scum” (see skim (v.)). A loan-translation of Latin spuma maris, itself said to be a loan translation of Greek halos akhne, from Persian kaf-i-darya.


*Quite! … /final drag… I wonder who’ll it’ll it be, Clicky… /stubs butt…*

I’m keeping this post short, Dear Reader, as I’ve got lots to do tonight to get ready for work tomorrow. No doubt there’ll be another talk before 16th January, the date Lashy casts the spell. Enjoy your Sunday evening and… Have a Song ❤

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