Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 6 – Eat Your Trifle

*Hmm… yellowy, aquary, blue… Good choice, Clicky!*

Leggy has a fabulous overnight rant over at Underdogs Bite Upward, Dear Reader…

*I wonder if Djinn isn’t gine, as in Engine, Clicky… /ponders…*

… And this advert popped up for me this morning. I posted it over on MEROVEE last week. It’s very funny…

Onward with Part 6 of this 85th missive from Cade, The Okie Devil of Text Us…

Enjoy! ❤


That’s prolly not gonna go down well.

I wonder if it can come back up?

That video/image might just be viral in ways we’d not previously considered.

^2. I MONSTER – Daydream In Blue^

I know that some believe that “illness” is something that is specific to humans. I can understand medicines and healers and apothecary and alchemy and all that jazz. What I cannot understand, is killing something for someone who may not need it. Yeah…I’m kinda thinking shark fins here, and the belief(s) that eating it pretty much can potentially cure all ills. Sure cured all of the shark’s ills, eh?

Man, I just went head to head with every living person on Earth/Terra there didn’t I? Our own self-value and self-worth, and when that self-value and/or or worth is worth more than me, all because I might be so bold as to question your need to ingest Muskrat lungs daily to cure your acne issues. How many Muskrats are you willing to eliminate in order to cure your ills? What are you gonna do if the Muskrat goes extinct before your acne issues do?

Just wondering where these “trust issues” originate. Well, maybe I’m not wondering so specifically as to where they originate, as much as I am seeing where they wind up, and kinda tracing it and them backwards and forwards from there. I mean…we trust Mother Earth to provide us with those Muskrat lungs…right? We trust the people that told us that Muskrat lungs was the very thing we were looking for…right?

Me? I just have trouble thinking that I need a Muskrat’s lungs more than they do.

There. I set a trap for myself.

Q: I wonder who will fall into it?

A: I'll keep you posted.

Would you like updates sent directly to your cellphone to keep you updated?

Or would you prefer email?

Or both?

^Monster – Planet Jazz 1995^

Yeah…I think I’ve something to offer.

It’s strange tho.

Whatever that is that I might have to offer?

I don’t get to choose what that is.

Or am I being too specific?

I have it, or I don’t.

They want it, or they don’t.

Pretty straightforward.
^Mt Eden Dubstep – Still Alive^


*Mr Creosote meets Inception… Yikes, Clicky! I can see how that could turn into a very bad jeam…*

The seventh installment is raring to go, Dear Reader, so whilst Clicky and I get on with that, please doo have a Song 😉

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